A short trip within Goa

I have been living in Goa for last more than a year. I never visited Goa before shifting here and after coming here I have rarely moved out for sight seeing.

Recently we had some guests and they visited various places in Goa for 3 days. I also joined them on the last day of their visit and we visited some places in south Goa. We started our journey via less crowded Benaulim fall, It is not big, since we have already seen  big natural falls in hill stations, Jabalpur’s Bheda Ghat, several in Kerala, also seen one in Scotland  and also one in man made big rock garden in Chandigarh.

But being big, is not really a big thing, It is a lovely piece of nature and we enjoyed being there. Nature attracts us in all forms and scales.

Goa is known for its beaches, our guests had already seen some famous beaches, this day we first went to the Utorda beach, it is not crowded but very beautiful. We really enjoyed visiting this lovely beach.

From Utorda beach we moved to Colva beach, which is much known and attracts much more tourists. Here we found a lot of people enjoying. Sea beaches really are great boon of nature and give great satisfaction to visitors, even grown ups play there like children. Really before the big power, his manifestations in the form of mountains, sea etc. everybody is a little child.

However after Colva beach we felt that we should also visit some place other than beaches, for which Goa  is famous in the world.

We were told that there is ‘Big Foot Museum’ on the way, near Madgaon, which gives a good reflection on the art and culture of Goa. We went there and I would like to say that we found it an excellent presentation on the life, art and culture of Goa.

This mini village was ambitiously planned by Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares and it unfolds the minute details of the Goan village.  It is well depicted   through life-size statues on display portraying the charm and simple livelihood of people of olden days.

I would recommend that while visiting the sea-beaches etc. one should also include this lovely place in the  list of places for visiting. Among the main attractions  there is a big statute of Mira Bai,  made in single stone. There are life size human structures which appear to be real people, really great pieces of work.

That was all for the day for us adults, however children accompanying us also visited a small fish aquarium for a while.

With this I conclude my blog post for today, which is a part of my submissions under #MyFriendAlexa campaign, through which I  wish to take my blog to next level.

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