People might find fault in every situation!

This post of mine is based on the weekly prompt on Blogadda, on the tagline- #Some might say that it’s wrong to do it this way or that way!

Yes, we grow in a society, in our family, with our peers and friends. During our growth we get help and guidance from our parents, teachers, friends, neighbors and even people whom we do not know much about.

It is a virtue of a vibrant society that we get help from those around, even getting sugar or milk etc. from our neighbors, when it is finished and not easy to procure immediately. Yes society is so much helpful, but there are negative points to everything.

In a society or any environment there are so many people who help us a lot, but these very people are also to give us advice which we may not need or like. Their intentions may be good but we may not be needing their advice or we might be knowing that it is not useful for us.

There is a famous old story that a father and son bought an Ass and were going to their home, somebody saw them and commented look the poor donkey is bearing so much weight, both of them sitting on that. Then they sat singly on the donkey and people found it wrong saying that the father is enjoying and the son is made to walk, or the son is enjoying a ride and the old man has to walk. When they both walked with the Ass, then people had a comment that what is the use of having an Ass, when they are both walking!

So there is no situation in which one can satisfy everybody and actually we need not work for the satisfaction of others. There is a famous line of Hindi film song- ‘Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna’. (People would keep saying something in every situation, as this is what they are there to do!’.

So we need not work for the satisfaction of others! We should do the right things, should not try to harm others and should not care for what comments people make, as long as we are right. We can tell anybody making comments or suggesting something that we would consider there suggestion and see if it works right!

That is all for today in this post. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Happy Diwali, have great time.


8 responses to “People might find fault in every situation!”

  1. We can tell anybody making comments or suggesting something that we would consider there suggestion and see if it works right!

    We dislike unasked advice and this above, is a good way of responding to such people.


  2. Yes true, without dishonoring the person, we can say that, he might be suggesting with good intentions.


  3. True that life cannot go on if we listen to every advice. A very have have strength of conviction to stand up to their own belief. Rest of us follow others opinion.


  4. We can all related to the ass story. It is the classic story that reminds us that we cannot please everybody.


  5. Very true, thanks for the comments.


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    I don’t want to waste my time in making the video if doesn’t have any potential. So, please provide me your valuable feedback on it.


    1. Hi, your video is quite interesting and with passage of time you can keep on developing the content based on the feedback of the viewers.


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