WOW: What If I could travel the world like this!

We keep living our lives in a formal atmosphere, most of the time discharging our duties- in office and at home. There is very little scope to dream, think of doing impossible looking things, even talking on such subjects lest people may not think that we have gone crazy!

This time, the prompt on BlogAdda, advised to talk about- fantasy, wishes, dreams, anything that one would wonder or wish for! It appears like a permission to dream, to think freely, like a child can!

I am a travel enthusiast, but actually I am not able to travel much, nowhere matching my travel desires. It might be so with most of the people! Though by now I have travelled many a places across the country and a few destinations out of my country. But the travel thirst keeps increasing with time.

In the meantime I learnt a new technique, an age old wisdom, which does not require any laboratories, any chemicals, any devices to make great achievements, to make great leaps into the vast kingdom of God. I would not disclose this in details here, would only like to say that our language, Sanskrit is such that if you pronounce some words the way they need to be pronounced, the objects, the activities, for which these words stand, may actually happen. Only that much disclosure now.

So I remember my last trip to London for which we had to travel for nine hours from Mumbai, with the fastest device available on earth for such travels, flying by an aeroplane from Mumbai to Hethrow airport in London. Again we had to go to Mumbai from Goa at night to catch early morning flight from there and in London also getting out of that very big airport, immigration formalities and then road journey, to my son’s place took another 3-4 hours. So it was a great but very tiresome experience, while spending very much time and money and also going through so many formalities.

What I could achieve, learning the old, unwritten science, may not be legal in worldly terms but it made travelling to any part of the world very easy, simple, free of all expenses and formalities! In this process, let me tell about my journeys, I somewhere nullified, and somewhere took help from the force of gravitation. While even while flying we had to spend in total 17-18 hours for reaching our destination in London, which included journeys to airports, waiting, flying time etc.

What I do with the ancient science, there are no road journeys, no flights, no airports, no immigration formalities etc. I just had to know the exact position of my destination on celestial map, one can also view and confirm it from the space.

And no flying across the earth, it is going up like a rocket, to a definite height in space and from there dropping directly to the desired destination, which takes maximum 2-3 hours for any location on earth. Yes carrying much luggage is not advisable but dressing properly is required, but I would not pass on all that knowledge here!

This way I visited a few places on earth where some people known to me or related to me were there, It also happened that at some places in America, Paris, London the local intelligence could get the information that someone is there without going through the immigration formalities, in some instance I flew back before they could reach me and in some other I had to fly back, after being caught by them and then they kept searching for me.

Anyway I never wanted to harm anybody and actually I wish that the tourism departments of these countries and also various states in India to invite me to visit the tourist destinations in their countries and states and I would write travel blogs in Hindi, which would make these places much more popular across India and they would earn more and more money from Indian tourists.

Anybody listening!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “WOW: What If I could travel the world like this!”

  1. I like the journey part of travel more that actual destination. But true long journey many people do not like. More so, if it is train, taxi, plane, taxi etc etc. I like your idea where you let your imagination fly and reach from one place to another. In Star Trek series, they call it teleportation or beaming. In ancient texts there are mention that people could travel from one place to another. But we do not know how. Overall and interesting take.


  2. Thanks, yes very true such ease can be achieved in imagination only.


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