WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her

Raghav and Priyanka knew each other quite well, this much can be said without any doubt. They accidentally got in touch when Ragav had gone to watch a movie of his favorite heroine, which incidentally also featured the beloved hero of Priyanka. Both had gone to watch the opening show of the movie. Raghav had planned to go for the movie alongwith a friend and had booked 2 tickets online.

The difference was that Priyanka had not booked ticket in advance and was confident that she would be able to get it then and there but it did not happen. She was quite desperate to somehow get a ticket and Raghav had an extra ticket since his friend could not come out for the movie, they came in touch there, watched the movie together, appreciated their favorite leading characters, became friends and started meeting at regular intervals.

The most popular meeting places were some Cinema Hall, Public Park or the Public Library. Both had completed their studies by then and were trying to get some good jobs. They dated for some time, that was the time when mobile phones were becoming a part of our lives, both of them had also acquired their personal mobile numbers and exchanged them. Incidentally after some time they got jobs and were posted in different cities, though not very far away but still not easy to visit casually. Both were living alone, in PGs in different cities because of their jobs.

Raghav and Priyanka belonged to different castes and they knew that their relationship could not be converted into marriage, further that was also not their aim too. However they wished to remain intimate friends and share their experiences, problems etc.

Initially Raghav tried to meet Priyanka regularly, if not every weekend then every alternate weekend, but as the job responsibilities kept increasing, they were only connected on phones, initially they were having long discussions on phone, then remained in touch through messages only, which eventually reduced to greeting messages on special occasions.

Further, whatever happens, had to happen, for many days their was no contact. Priyanka had also got married by then. It had been a long time since Raghav had seen Priyanka, he thought how she might be looking now. Several times he had the thought of visiting her city and may be meet her in office for some time.

Raghav tried to call her on phone, but could not contact, as that number she might have surrendered some time back and it was now with somebody else. He went to her office once but found that she was not working there now. It appeared that she had changed her job, perhaps she and her hubby had got job in the same office now!

Since Raghav had thought of meeting her, he was very much eager now to see her once at least, to see how she looked after so much time and specially after getting married. Since he was not finding her now he realized how important their friendship was. They never thought about marriage but he now felt how their life might have been had they got married. He remembered the time they spent together, the long loving talks and sometimes real fights they had.

Now since he could not meet her, he was repenting why he had not remained in touch for such a long time, she might have felt neglected. In fact he had received her messages sometimes, but he was so much involved in his official responsibilities, he just sent small replies that he would soon talk to her, but it was quite late now it appears!

The Last Time He Saw Her! It was only yesterday, she was pillion riding on a scooter, perhaps with her husband, in the same city where Raghav was living, but Raghav did not know her whereabouts now and otherwise also not in a position to talk to her.

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2 responses to “WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her”

  1. A nice and touching story. Two people who loved each other could not move to logical end. So sad.


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