Bhopal Visit- Sanchi, Maanav Sangrahaalaya etc.

This time the prompt on #IndiSpire is for writing about an interesting visit to a place, which is neither a hill station and neither near the sea.

I recently visited Bhopal, had to go there for attending a marriage ceremony and I utilized the chance for visiting some places of interest. In fact I had just wrote some blog posts in Hindi about the places visited. Now I would sum up the whole visit in one post here.

Yes after attending the marriage ceremony in Hotel Marriott Courtyard, which in itself is a centre of attraction and is situated near or rather a part of DB City Mall, Bhopal. This mall is considered to be the biggest mall of central India.

Anyway after attending the marriage ceremony we planned to visit the famous Buddha Stupas of Sanchi, which are around 48 Kms away from Bhopal city area. This monument has been enlisted by UNESCO under the world heritage sites.

It was a very nice experience to visit those Stupas, initially built by King Ashoka in 3rd century BC, as he did at several places to spread the message of Lord Buddha, after he became a Buddha follower and it was renovated later at different times. These display the rich Buddhist art and artitecture. Also those opposing it also  destroyed some parts of it.

The big Stupas, gateways on four sides of the stupas, displaying the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. The Monastry all spread in a lovely landscape are very attractive. It was a nice experience to visit this place.

Next visit was to the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Maanav Sangrahaalay, where the gradual development of common people at various places is displayed through the design of huts made during different periods, the utensils and other domestic utility items. There are so many things to learn there regarding the life of common man during various periods, tools and implements used by them, design of huts etc. It is a great experience of visiting there, where common man is the main hero. The development of human society over a long period  around the globe and specially at various places in India.

The lakes (chhota and Badaa taal) of Bhopal are always an attraction, so we visited there. The areas are kept very neat and clean. We also visited ‘Bharat Bhavan’ which was developed during the period of Sh. Arjun Singh, when he was the chief Minister. This is a place where theatrical activities, art exhibitions and festivals of art and music are held from time to time. This is a place which caters to the taste and desires of art loving people.

Finally during the stay there, we visited the People’s Mall, where there are normal facilities associated with the malls, such as good shops for purchasing items, food joints, multiplex for viewing movies and  nice children’s play area and there is a nice water park also . But there is something extra which is most important! and it is the thing for which it is a must visit place in Bhopal.

Yes there are the replicas of famous monuments etc.. the seven wonders of the world at a single place. There would be very few people who have visited every such place, so finding there replicas at a single place is a nice experience, One who has visited the original monument can also refresh the memories.

Some of the replicas, like that of the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, gates made in the design of Effil Tower  etc. are quite impressive while those of Burz Al Arab of Dubai, Lotus temple are less impressive. Anyway it is a nice experience to visit the place.

In total it was a very thrilling and memorable travel to Bhopal, where I could visit those nice destinations.

This is my submission on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire for writing about #Travel .

4 responses to “Bhopal Visit- Sanchi, Maanav Sangrahaalaya etc.”

  1. Beautiful description of Raja Bhoj’s place – Bhopal


  2. Bhopal has many gems. Thanks for taking us around this one, in Bhopal.
    Congratulations on the new look of the blog. The sharing buttons and the voting emojis are good eye catchers!


  3. Thanks a lot, however I could not visit Raja Bhoj Place.


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