Walking through the evening!

Again it is time to write on the basis of weekly prompt. Naturally I would mention the details of the prompt, but in the beginning I am remembering a programme that is shown on Baby TV, for little babies, growing children.

In the programme I am referring to, there are paintings or say pictures of some buildings, jungles etc. on the wall and while watching that painting the child enters the painting and all these pictures in that scene become real and the child roams around in the rooms etc. appearing in the picture and finds the grandpa, who is hiding somewhere in that picture!


Yes we take pictures etc. through our camera, mobile or make painting after closely watching the scene and turn the living scene into a lifeless picture. Similarly it is also possible that a picture may be turned into a live things! TV, cinema etc. might come in that category in a way!

What I want to submit is that at a place where we live, we do not watch things around us with much interest, since we have been looking at them since quite long period, they become a part of our environment, our routine surrounding. We enjoy scenery etc. when we go to a new place.

Now let me tell you that the prompt today says- Go out with your camera and write based on one or more of the photographs you take.

So this was the prompt and I thought that I would take some photographs during my evening walk today.

Further I want to repeat that I live in Goa, quite near to Miramar beach and we can watch sunset beyond the sea, from the balcony of our house. In the evening I go for a walk up to Miramar beach, on the way there is Goa Science Centre also,  many tourist buses are always parked there, but I never thought of visiting this Centre. Places far away mostly attract people.

So the area in which I go for an evening walk, is a part of my routine environment, I just walk through the evening, without paying any special attention to the places which attract so many tourists, be that Miramar beach, Goa Science Centre or Chaupati. For me it is my routine route for evening walk.

So today, I tried to view these locations like a tourist and want to just display a few pics. That I took today.

I would let the pics. tell the remaining story.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Thanks for reading.

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