Caring for self and not disturbing others!

Again this is time for weekly post based on WOW prompt. Firstly it appeared that I was going to miss it this time but then came the idea!

Yes this time we had to look into our cupboard, drawer, closet etc. and had to write based on the things we observe there. Yes we keep on looking at these things and using them but for this effort we needed to look at a different angle!
Yes for writing and all type of expressions, what is the basic thing that moulds, gives shape to our expression or reaction, is called ‘Drishti-kon’ in Hindi. Which means at ‘what angle’ we look at things or say how we look at things.

Sometimes this way of looking at things or happenings is based on a number of established thoughts, which joined together become an ideology and it makes so much difference that two persons belonging to, or following two different ideologies can’t react in a similar way at all. We also then call ‘first remove the glasses of ideology from your eyes and then tell!

Anyway we are not dealing with such a complex matter at present. So we needed to watch at our closet, drawer etc. and write based on the items we find there! The only thing I had to do before taking a pic. Of the items in my drawer was to clear the mess as the things never remain in a systematic way there. So what I did there was that I made the things present there, like being in a general compartment of a train to be placed in an AC-2-tier compartment. Yes some items I removed or pushed on the back.

So here is the pic. which shows some of the items I often have to use and some which are kept for any emergency. And it is not easy for you to tell which are those, which are used more often!

For example one might think that there are several ball pens, they might be in use very often. Let me first tell that I am a retired person and I very rarely need to write on paper with pen. This need arises sometimes and then we generally have to search for a pen which is in working condition!

Yes Baba Ramdev, I mean Patanjali self medication tablets, I mean those meant for digesting the items we eat, especially when we go out for dinner, yes those tablets- Hingoli and other such tablets are often used. Some eye and ear drops are kept for emergency requirements and similarly ‘pain relief balm or ointment’. Like they say ‘rub this balm and keep moving’.

Yes there is hands-free for listening to music, songs, discourse from you-tube etc. without disturbing others. This is the order of the day. There might be 3-4 persons present nearby, each listening to something on his or her system, without disturbing others! Earlier people made their presence felt by disturbing others and it was not considered to be disturbance at all. Today is a different day and one has to be a person of today.

That was all that came to my mind instantly on the subject- Write about some random item you’ll find in your home or closet.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda..

Thanks for reading.


7 responses to “Caring for self and not disturbing others!”

  1. Thats a curious mix, just like the life itself! An interesting piece that gave us a window to peep into your slice of reality!


  2. Interesting read, i can identify the Pudin Hara in the pic…am i right?


  3. Nice and interesting post.


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