WOW: Faith is very important thread in the garland of life!

Today we discuss here something that binds the whole world together. Our life, relations, friends all would become meaningless if we lose faith in them.

I read about a tribe somewhere in the world. They dance together when there is no rain, for making it rain and their resolve is such that they keep dancing till it does not start raining! This is faith.

We learn regarding Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Ji. They are referred to as the embodiment of Faith and unwavering belief – ‘Shraddha and Vishvaas’ (Bhavaani Shankaro Vande, Shraddha, Vishwas Rupino’. Here Vishvaas is more powerful than ‘Shraddha’.

Parvati jI had faith (Shraddha) in Lord Ram, but when she saw Lord Ram wandering in the forest searching Mother Sita, She did not have strong belief and she tested Lord Ram by appearing like Sita Ji, but Lord Ram immediately recognized her and she was not accepted by Lord Shiva as his wife after that, since she had appeared like ‘Sita’ whom Lord Shiva treated as mother. For this Parvati Ji had to do strong ‘Tapasya’ for again being accepted by Lord Shiva.

Anyway that is a different story, today we have to discuss regarding ‘Faith’.

I would like to share some examples from my own life. I have strong faith in God, though I do not visit temples normally and no regular worship also. I believe that God would help me to get whatever is good for me and not whatever I desire to get.

There have been instances when while working at one place, I applied for another job and I told my family that I am going to join there and that happened. One example was when I left my job in All India Radio, Jaipur in 1983 and joined Hindustan copper Ltd. In Jharkhand (That time a part of Bihar). Though I later came to know that there was a candidate who had been in personnel staff of a central minister and he was sure that he would get selected. Later two central ministers forwarded his representations against my selection!

There is a devotional song (Bhajan) sung by Mukesh Ji, which I sung on such occasions-

‘Dukh haro dwaarkanath, sharan main teri’

Another big example of faith is our great democracy. We elect our representatives to serve us, based on their promises, the entire system of democracy works on faith, our local elected representative and also the central leadership based on all such elections have to fulfill our expectations, otherwise we would not give a second chance to those who did not serve us sincerely.

At almost every step, in our life we have to have faith in others, starting with the teachers who teach our kids in schools, colleges etc. We travel by public transport- from rikshaw, taxi, train to aeroplane, having faith that the person operating or driving is well trained and we would reach our destination safely.

In short we can’t survive without taking help and services from others, so we need to have faith on every step and in all fields. To ‘define faith’ I would like to say that we need to believe that those serving us, helping us or providing any service would do the job for us in a right way, which would be helpful for us.

I have full faith that you would read my write-up in the right spirit.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Thanks for reading.

4 responses to “WOW: Faith is very important thread in the garland of life!”

  1. It was really very nice read with the mythological story and your own experience.


  2. Well said sir. I hope that faith does not cause us to hand over our responsibilities to the divine. 


  3. Faith, an important link in the chain of life.


    1. Thanks.


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