Pretentions – How far they affect us!

Again it is time to write in reaction to a prompt on #IndiSpire. The prompt is- We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” Kurt Vonnegut said that. Do you agree?

I am sorry I do not think we can become what we pretend to be! I can say there can be some negative effects that we can get, when we pretend to be, what we actually are not!

For becoming something, we must have a dream of becoming so, a strong aspiration, supported by faith, strong belief, positive and continuous planned action in that direction, can make us achieve that dream. Provided we are dreaming of something which is really worth achieving.

There are so many fields, such a vast empire of dream roles, professions, achievements which a rightfully thinking person can dream of and invest the best of his or her efforts to achieve that.

Now a days it is election time. We find some very shallow politicians, who might be getting the position they have, since they are born in a particular family and there would be many who have achieved, whatever they have through continuous hard work.

I would not like to discuss all this referring to political parties and personalities. I remember a film personality, though there are many, one is coming to my mind- Mr. Ranveer Singh. He was first seen in a film ‘Band, Bajaa, baraat’. Appeared a common street boy, who in the film along with another struggling girl, established the business of organizing marriage functions. In another film – I think ‘Gully Boy’, he played the role of a common street boy, who achieved great position in singing. A dialogues in film also said that ‘I do not accept that I am born to remain poor and serve others’ something like that.

It just strikes to my mind that the street like boy of ‘Band,Bajaa, Baraat’, when he married Deepika Padukon, It was a marriage observed all over the world, organised with great pomp and show. Such is the power of dreams and continuous struggle by an actor who did not have any Godfather in the film industry.

There could be so many examples from all walks of life, different fields. This is what instantly came to my mind while thinking on the prompt. Yes our dreams, supported by continuous efforts can make anything possible and not mere pretentions.

This is my submission on the prompt on #IndiSpire. #LifePretension.

Thanks for reading.

4 responses to “Pretentions – How far they affect us!”

  1. I was under the impression that he is first cousin of Sonam Kapoor from the mother side. 


    1. I do not think so, If it is so I would like to confirm that.


  2. Gully Boy.
    “I won’t change my dream to match with my reality … I’ll change my reality to something that will match with my DREAM”.
    LOVED what he said there.


    1. Thanks.


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