Dream, Toil and Keep Happy for Success

To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone – Reba Mc Entire – Can you relate to this quote? #ThreeBones

Again it is time to express my views based on the above prompt on #IndiSpire.

Yes this is a quote by Reba Mc Entire, which says that for success in life, we need three things- a Wishbone, a Backbone and a funny bone.
We know that to be successful, to realize our dreams, first of all we need to have big dreams. The measure of our success or say our achievements depends on how big our dreams are and how passionate we are to achieve them.

So the basic thing is that one must have a strong desire, big dreams and for that, we can say that one must have a wishbone.

OK, you have strong desires, a wishbone in place. The basic thing needed now is making untiring efforts to achieve these goals, move ahead with step by step plan to achieve our goals. It is not easy to keep our determination intact when we have to face failures at various stages. I remember the statement of some scientist, who said after failing 99 times, now I know that these 99 choices are not to be tried further.

It is very important to keep our spirits alive. I read in a famous book that a person was digging at a place as he was told that there was gold down there. He dug to a certain depth and then lost hope. Another person took up the job of digging further and easily found the big treasure kept there. So the courage, patience and undying faith are the virtues very much necessary for achieving great things. So we can say that we also need a backbone for success, so that we keep facing all odds and move on the way to success.

As we all know that our life is full of odd situations, we keep facing challenges for which our backbone is necessary but doing all that we also need to remain a lively person, doing everything with a smile. The very first thing is that we should enjoy life, every moment of it and for that we can say that funny bone is needed.

So in short our life is a journey in which we reach the destinations we choose for ourselves, through our dreams and for that we need a wishbone for choosing our dreams, backbone- for making untiring efforts to achieve them and a funny bone- to remain happy in all situations.

So I fully agree with the statement.

This is my submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- #ThreeBones.

Thanks for reading.

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