Learning and Life

We do several things in our life for survival, maintaining our status etc. but I have a feeling that the basic purpose of life is learning. A person is living as long as he or she is open to learning. The moment a person feels that he has learnt everything; he is as good as dead.



It is said in our holy scriptures ‘Sa Vidya Ya vimuktaye’ , learning or knowledge is that which liberates us. We are bound by so many misconceptions, also in spiritual terms by attractions, including love and affections. A learned person deals with everything in a just and balanced manner.

But for learning, and one must always keep learning, for that one has to have a clear belief that he knows very less and is always ready to learn from anybody of whatever level. There are many people who can’t believe or say accept that there is something which is not known to them. We had a boss, when somebody gave him any information, his simple reply was- ‘I know that’. So some people had started giving him any new information, in this manner- ‘Sir, I know you must be knowing this, but I want to share this information with you, since I just gathered it!’

When a person stops accepting new knowledge, he stops growing, age does not in any way come in the way of learning. When we grow old, we might become physically weak, so we may not be adventurous, but knowledge is not adventure. It is also possible that a person while becoming physically weak in old age might become mentally stronger.

As we say ‘Age is just a number’, I think except becoming physically less capable with growing age, there is nothing a grown up person loses, and further since younger persons remain very much engaged in activities connected with earning- service, business etc., older people also as long they are involved in these activities, they are just like their younger friends, and when they give up this activity, retire or handover the business activity to the younger generation, they have more time to learn and keep learning.

In today’s world, it is also necessary to decide wisely what to learn and what not! I think this is much more important today. A lot of information is available on the net, there is much misinformation. We can become a part of the ever growing hate-community, or rumor spreading brigade through the net. There are so many preachers in the form or ‘Guru or Baba’s’ in the Ashrams spread all around our country and those giving the message of hatred on the net.

So, my submission is that we must keep learning as long as we live and must understand what is to be learnt and what not. Any message, information or learning that promotes hate among human beings, is not learning and is dangerous for the society.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Learning has no age bar. It is a limitation that we put in our mind. Share your views. #selfimprovement .

Thanks for reading.



2 responses to “Learning and Life”

  1. Agree with your views, very logically presented and yes in today’s age one must be wise enough to decide what to learnt and what not to.


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