Oh, I could not go there!

Just thinking how much a person can actually see, become familiar with in a city he lives in. Further so many cities some people have to live in, with change of locations due new jobs or change in posting, transfer etc. while there are some who spend their whole life at one place. There are positive and negative points in both the situations.



I also find it a bit difficult to tell which city I consider to be mine! I now live in Goa, have been living there for more than 2 years now. Before that I lived in Gurgaon for around 7 years. During my service life I mostly lived at far off place on project sites, away from big cities, however before retirement I had my home in Lucknow for almost 10 years, though I lived there for 3-4 years in total.

Anyway I also lived in Jaipur for 3 years but the city where I was born and lived until the age of 30 years, did the initial 3-4 services was Delhi. A person carries a little bit of all the places he lives in.



How much can a person see of all such places, especially in Delhi it is quite difficult for a person to say that he has seen all the important or say interesting places there. For example about Delhi I can say one thing that I traveled in metro from Dellhi to Gurgaon, in later years when I was living in Gurgaon, since in the initial years there were no metro trains. So what I was mentioning is that I traveled so many times through mehrauli area and saw the famous Qutub Minar from metro train. But that was the only nearest view of Qutub Minar that I have ever taken, after living in Delhi for 30 years and later in Gurgaon for 7 years.

There would be many such places in Delhi itself I can mention. I worked in secretariat, Udyog Bhavan to be precise, went to All India Radio also for recordings etc. , went past the parliament house, but could never go inside to view it from inside or the proceedings of the parliament, though these we can now see live on television. I could mention several other places in Delhi which I could not visit.

Similarly in Jaipur also there are many places, one is ‘Galta Ji’ and several others, which are considered to be worth seeing.

I lived in Mumbai for almost a year, there I was not with my family and I often visited the sea- shore, beaches there. I had taken a Monthly pass there, though it was not needed for my job and often in the evening I went up to Mumbai CST etc. for going to the beaches etc. So the place where I lived for shorter period, there I wandered more than other places.

One quite unknown place that I would like to mention was Mosabani Mines in Jharkhand (That time in Bihar state). These were the deepest operative mines in India at that time. Going down to the deepest level was an experience to remember, but I was working in office over ground, I thought several times that I would once visit underground there but could not.

When it comes to national level, yes I have not yet visited Kashmir and that is a big miss.

There might be a lot of interesting locations which I can mention, at the places I have lived but I would like to finish with these poetry lines from a Shair by Ghalib Ji-

Hajaaron khwaahishen aisi ki har khwaahish pe dam nikle,
Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin fir bhi kam nikle.

This is my humble submission on the #Indispire prompt-

Share about any interesting place in your city/state that you are yet to visit. #GoingPlaces

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Oh, I could not go there!”

  1. Interesting piece here… and yes, there will always be many spots that invariably remain unseen, unexplored, and sometimes one isn’t even aware of their existence.


    1. Thanks Sir, yes very true.


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