Life- a celebration of gratitude.

I remember a description of a character from a novel by late Mohan Rakesh Ji. He wrote about the convent school where the hero of the novel studied and he remembers the character – a priest in the boarding school church, who always prayed for the sins of all to be pardoned, which prayer was to be repeated by the all others after him.



What he wrote about the character was that he always prayed for pardon by Lord for everyone, this activity was so much done by him that if you look at his face, it appeared that he was begging for sins to be pardoned, this expression of ‘begging pardon’ was permanently like engraved on his face.

It just came to my mind, while thinking on a subject. In our lives we ourselves choose, what kind of a person we are going to be. Whether we would find faults in everything and with everybody or would be thankful towards all, who in anyway helped us achieve our goals. Since we live in a society, we are inter-dependent on each other. Nobody can survive and achieve all his goals alone, we need help from others every day.

It is our choice whether we feel grateful towards all others who helped in our life in whatever way, starting first from the God almighty, if we believe in him. It is we only who realize who all have helped and blessed us in our life. We need to be grateful to our parents, to our teachers, our neighbors, those all who inspire and guide us in whatever way.

The list of things or happenings can be endless for which we can feel grateful. For example one can be grateful that he was born as a human being, living in a society spread worldwide, we might be divided in countries and regions but we all are members of a big human race and in some way work for the betterment of humanity.

As an individual one can express gratitude for so many things. For being a healthy person, with all faculties working well, if so,  say if one can walk, talk, see and do all normal things, it is a great boon, which so many people do not have.

Further if one can study up to a level that he understands this world well, does read good literary books, can watch good movies, make good friends and does get a job, that suits his requirements and makes him capable of seeing bigger dreams, it is a great thing accomplished and one should feel grateful for that, since sky is the limit for those who keep hope alive and go on making efforts, in whatever field they excel.

One big thing is that if a person is in a position to help others, in making their life better in whatever way, he is a really contributing member of human society and he should feel grateful towards all who were helpful in making him capable of helping others.

There are innumerable things for which we can feel grateful and express gratitude and I am not able to limit it to a few things. I feel life in itself is a celebration of gratitude.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Its the month of gratitude. Share three things you are grateful for. #gratitudemonth .

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Life- a celebration of gratitude.”

  1. It is important to be grateful in life. As one of my friends used to say, “Things can be lot worse, count your blessings.” We must count our blessings.


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