Country to live in!

Again I am talking on a topic for discussion. The topic for discussion is ‘which country one would choose to live’. Frankly speaking if a person has to choose from various options, one should be well aware about the various options available!



I remember a comment made by Osho Rajneesh on a couplet by Kabir Das ji, where he says that ‘Richess is nothing and poverty is best since it makes us remember God’.

On this Osho comments that the expression made by Kabir Das ji is not authentic, since he has not experienced, not lived the life of richess, Gautam Buddha is more authentic on that since he was a prince and left all that on not being satisfied with all that.

When one wants to choose a country from the world to live in, the person must have a sufficient exposure to the countries in the world, the life conditions and lifestyle of people there, the society and social values in these countries, it is not easy to select a country for living without knowing all that.

However what I feel on the subject is that one, specially an Indian like me, might choose a country to visit to live there for some time, but for me India is my motherland and I can’t think of living or say belonging to some other country. One might have to live in some other country for employment, business etc. but still heart remains in own country, I would like to repeat so if one is Indian like me.

Such feelings might be there in some other countries and perhaps in most of the countries, but for us Indians, our great culture and values teach us ‘janani janmabhumi shcha swargaadapi gariyasi’ ‘The mother and the motherland are more precious than heaven’.

I also remember the song from Kabuliwals, ‘Ae mere pyaaree watan, ae mere bichhde chaman, tujh pe dil qurbaan’. That was a great story written by Gurudev Rabindra nath Tagore. Which highlights the feelings of a Kabul Pathan, who remains in India for selling dry fruits and always keeps remembering his own country.
Yes I would like to repeat that I might choose the countries for visiting, may go there in connection with job assignments, employment, but whatever might be living conditions in my own country at any given time or place, my country is best for me and I can’t belong to any other country. I would love to visit the whole of the world but my abode, my true love would always remain my lovely country, my own India.

I have visited Arab countries- Dubai, Sharjah etc, , London and nearby areas in England and Dar-es-Salaam in East Africa. I likes something at one place another at the other. I can adjust to the conditions anywhere but would always love my own country, my India.

It is my humble submission on the #Indispire prompt- If you’re given an option, which country would you choose to live in? Why? #Countryofmychoice .


Thanks for reading.


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  1. East or west, India is the best


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