Bee Love Award- Nomination.

Dear friends

Today I would  like to share that a fellow blogger who writes nice posts by the name- साधक, his Blog ID –   has nominated me for ‘Bee Love Award’. I am very thankful to my friend who is a creative writer and I enjoy his writings a lot.

By the name of the award, I understand that it inspires to be an engine for spreading love, whatever we write, we can impress people by our creativity and may be knowledge also, but the basic thing that should always be there is that we  keep the flame of love burning in our heart and wherever possible,  should contribute for spreading love in our society, love for all human beings and not only humans but all living species.

I again thank my fellow blogger , who writes by the name साधक, his blog ID being  Incidentally I do not know his name and he doesn’t know mine. For example while he very graciously nominated me and mentioned my name as ‘Samay’, perhaps by seeing my website name – . I may by the way tell that my name is Shri Krishna Sharma, for others also, since it is not mentioned in my blog posts.  I have also mentioned that he writes with the name साधक. I again thank my fellow blogger and friend for nominating me.

These are the guidelines for those getting this award

1. Attach the Bee Love Logo on the top
2. Ping back to the one who nominated, now say me i.e. (Shri Krishna Sharma)
3. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.

Now I being a very simple and easy going person. I do not ask any questions and do not take much trouble also.

I have already taken the first 2 steps as per the guidelines, the third one- nominating fellow bloggers for the award, it is rather a very difficult job for me and I treat all my fellow bloggers, my friends as very creative persons and do not want to take the seat of a judge.

I request all my fellow bloggers, who read this post and wish to take it forward, they may consider it a nomination of them from my side and I would be very happy if they take it forward.

I again thank my friend who nominated me and also thank in advance, anybody who would take it forward.
Thanks all.


3 responses to “Bee Love Award- Nomination.”

  1. Welcome dear


  2. Thanks


  3. Thanks a lot ji.


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