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Dear fellow bloggers and friends.  I am very happy to inform you all that once again I have been nominated, among other bloggers, by the same blogger friend. I am very much thankful to him.  This time it is “Sunshine Blogger Award” and once again I have been nominated by my creative blogger friend Mr. Sadhak, I am really thankful to Mr. Sadhak for nominating me once again. He is a very creative blogger and a regular contributor in blogging field.

Now the questions asked by Mr. Sadhak and my humble response on them.

My Answers to the Questions :

1. What would you like to do in your free time ?

My answer matches very much with Mr. Sadhak, yes I love listening to and singing old songs specially of Mukesh ji, Ghazals etc. and for that I also keep singing them for which, I also do not need free time..

2. What drives you crazy in life?

The vastness and beauty of nature. I wish I could keep wandering always.

3. What kind of person are you, introvert or extrovert ?

I think I am an introvert turned into an extrovert. Yes I found a way of expressing myself earlier through my poems and now through blogs.

4. Have you gone through any book recently? if yes, please name it.

Frankly now I do not find time to read books, earlier I had read many Hindi novels of Prem Chand Ji, and some great pieces like “गणदेवता”, “गोदान”, “शेखर एक जीवनी” to name a few.Though the last few novels I read were by Agatha Christie, I enjoyed the experience a lot.

5. What you prefer to do in your holidays ?

If I can move out, I love to travel a lot.

6. Do you like any kind of sport?

When I was young I played cricket, now I just like watching.

7. Are you a fitness freak person? if yes, name your favorite one.

No I am a lazy person, Just walk regularly.

8. Do like to listen music?

I love old Hindi songs, specially of Mukesh Ji, Ghazals by Ghulam Ali Ji and Late Jagjit Singh ji, Poems by some great poets, wrote myself also. Many of my blog posts are devoted to those fields.

9. What is the main thing you like about other’s Blog?

We keep awakened and up to date, by some, though My field is Poetry, literature and music, we get knowledge of all the fields. Yes some blogs teach us love, some teach hate also. It is our choice what we choose to take from there.

10. Do like to do adventurous thing?

I am 69 year now, the thought of adventure is also adventurous for me.

11. How you handle the things when bad phase comes in life?

I have great faith in my lord. He is always with me. So I accept whatever comes my way.

The rules are:

1. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you for a blog post and link back to their blog.
2. Ping Back to me
3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
5. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


I nominate everybody who is in any way connected with me. Pl. feel free to take it forward, I would love that.

Questions for the nominees:

You have read the questions and answers above. You may think yourself if these questions could have been somewhat different or you feel that there are questions on which your response really matters, then please feel free to select questions yourself and answers to them, so that your persona, your thoughts come in the best way before people.

Thanks a lot.
Happy blogging.


3 responses to “Sunshine Blogger Award!”

  1. Congratulations and Thank you sir. Your answers are really great. My favourite singer is also Mukesh ji. If I would record a songs of him, i will post in the blog. Thank you sir once again.


    1. Thanks Sadhak Ji, If we ever meet we can sing for each other.


  2. Thanks Harina ji.


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