Opposition turning irrelevant in India!

I normally avoid discussing about politics. It appears that there is nothing serious to discuss about today’s politicians, in India. In fact when I think of our politicians, specially those in opposition today, it appears that Mr. Modi   has turned them into a big zero.



Sometimes I feel that some film personalities, like Anurag Kashyap, Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar etc. etc. have turned into full time politicians and people like Rahul Gandhi have become part-time- politicians. I also feel that journalists like- Vinod Dua, Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar etc. are playing the role of opposition leader more seriously than Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

We often find Mr. Javed Akhtar campaigning for some candidates in elections, including for Kanhaiya Kumar, no problem I feel that he should himself enter politics seriously and contest elections, but I was just wondering whether any of the candidates for whom Mr. Akhtar campaigned, could actually save his deposits.

Mr. Modi  has developed a more direct dialogue with common people through ‘Man Ki Baat’ etc. and there are no middlemen! Earlier there were some 5-star journalists who accompanied the top politicians on foreign tours, specially the Prime Minister, stayed there in luxury hotels and were supposed to carry forward the message of the leader, who did not happen to be a good communicator.  Mr. Modi does not require such support from greedy journalists and those considering themselves intellectuals! Who wrote positive columns about the then government in spite of regular frauds and scams and are now very active members of the ‘Award Waapsi Gang’.

Mr. Modi  is not giving  chance for any negative commentary, his government has taken many bold decisions for the nation, scrapping of Article 370, legislation regarding Triple Talaaq are two very bold decisions and so is the CAA, which gives a promise of a bright future to the persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan, who are already living a hell like life in India, they would now live with full honors as desired by Mahatma Gandhi Ji and many leaders like Nehru Ji, Man Mohan Singh had also raised this issue earlier.

But now the opposition leaders are just misguiding people and specially the Muslim population through wrong interpretation of Citizenship Amendment Act. In fact they are continuously finding themselves left behind and just fighting this lost battle with the support of the so called intellectuals, who enjoyed undue benefits during congress rule.

There could be some bad elements in all parties, no doubt many outspoken leaders are there in BJP also but there is no doubt that Mr. Modi  has worked day and night for the nation and taken so many bold steps.
I just remember the words Mr. Rahul Gandhi said during his very short campaign in Delhi, when he said ‘after 6 month people would beat Mr. Modi with stics, he would not be able to move out of his house’.
The same Rahul Gandhi recently on the news of Mr. Modi  leaving social media platforms, commented that Mr. Modi should leave ‘hatred’ and not social media. I just remembered what an example of love Mr. Rahul Gandhi had given when he said that people would beat Mr. Modi with stics, and this was not the only expression of love by  Mr. Rahul Gandhi, he has done so many times earlier.

The lyric writer and full time politician, Mr. Javed Akhtar also called Mr. Modi a ‘dictator’, there are many others who say so. I think they are right in saying so, since the mother of Mr. Modi lives like a very ordinary citizen, his brother also comes to the rallies as a common person, would it happen with any other politician of today. How much money Mr. Modi is earning and for whom? He does not have royal blood, does not belong to any professional political family, how dare he became the Prime Minister of India without the clear disapproval of those of those few, who consider themselves to be the Kingmakers!

Today so many opposition people speak so irresponsibly and never consider that most of the time they are not speaking against Mr. Modi but against the nation, the examples of Mr. Sharjeel Imam and very recent disclosure about Mr. Harsh Mander should become eye openers. But they play with the emotions of common people by making wrong interpretations of government decisions and are openly defying Supreme court directives, like the illiterate ‘Dadies’ in Shaheen Bagh, who are just made to sit their by shrewd minds behind them.

I sincerely express my gratitude towards the person called Mr. Narendra Modi for  selflessly working for the nation and I do feel that our opposition leaders have really lost their relevance and it is not good for a healthy democracy.

These are my humble views on the #IndiSpire prompt- Politicians today tinker with emotions. Debate. Write for or against. #PoliticsandEmotions

Thanks for reading.


One response to “Opposition turning irrelevant in India!”

  1. Very true. There are also many journalists who fully support Mr. Modi.


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