Forced Leave

A scene inside Heathrow airport


I have been sharing my blog posts since long time almost daily. it has been on one PC for last 2-3 years almost and this laptop has traveled with me to several places in India and it has traveled twice to London also.

Now suddenly this PC that I was using has developed some problems which appear beyond repair and any effective efforts to get it repaired or replaced would be possible after end of lock-down only and the other PC that I have don’t have the facility that I need for blogging, specially in Hindi.

Hence it appears that I may have to remain on forced leave for indefinite time. I am sorry for that and would try to join again as soon as possible.

Please have great time.


4 responses to “Forced Leave”

  1. Thanks a lot. Actually I mostly write in Hindi and first write in word file. I have another laptop but it doesn’t have ms word and also facility to type in Hindi.


  2. Oh!!
    I hope you get some other option for writing in Hindi.

    I can understand, I have tried writing a blog post in Kannada (my mother tongue) , I find it very difficult , it’s so slow if I write in mobile. I have written them in my book , and don’t get motivated to post because of this difficulty.

    So, I am thinking of finding an app which can convert voice into Kannada words.

    I hope you will find solution soon and meanwhile will continue posting in English..

    Take care.


    1. Thanks a lot Nalini ji, would try.


  3. Sure Harina ji, thanks a lot.


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