Still miles to go!

We are now entering the third stage of Lock Down. This has caused a severe loss to the human race.

We all had been part of huge gatherings for entertainment, musical festivals, film festivals etc. Now we fear coming near to another person. In some western countries situation is such that dead bodies did not find people to accompany them till the burial ground, many bodies have been carried in big trucks and buried unattended.

There is so much fear in coming near others, there was a news yesterday only that two persons who were feeding poor people and thus doing a great job, they were found Corona positive, so practically they were spreading this dreaded disease while they tried to help others.

There have been and are corona villains, who acted irresponsibly, also sometimes we find that several corona warriors who are serving the humanity get infected.

It’s a long race and I hope that together we would win this battle, would again be able to enjoy community programs and tell future generations the kind of trouble the human race faced during this period.

Let’s again be committed to defeat this dreaded pandemic.

Thanks and all the best.


2 responses to “Still miles to go!”

  1. shadawss shadawss avatar
    shadawss shadawss

    Now each man is an island!


    1. Yes, true.


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