Life lessons!

Life- we all live it, with many hopes, we set several targets and are always trying to achieve them. Some people call it a journey, to many destinations which we might fix for ourselves from to time, but we know that it would terminate, sometimes suddenly and sometimes we might guess in advance, when the destination called ‘death’ is arriving!


Anyhow in life, whatever name we may give it,  we always get chance to learn new things, sometimes by choice but mostly we learn from our mistakes and failures. Life is a very tough teacher and sometimes we have to pay very heavily if we don’t learn in time.

I have travelled the most part of this journey called life. We have different co-travelers, whom we call family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. during different phases of our life, since nobody can cover this long journey of life alone.

Further humans are called ‘social animals’, we always work and interact with different people, many times we work in teams. We have shared goals as family, as members of some institution, society, country and world family as a whole.

Any journey or endeavor would have more chances of being successful and certainly you would feel more comfortable, if you have true, kind hearted and loving companions. One thing I would like to mention is that one should always be honest and choose honest and loving companions. Though it is not always possible, but wherever possible one must try to do so.

But the fact is that some people are born to live honestly and spread love, while there are some who love themselves only. They are so engrossed in their own false image, that they can’t love anybody else selflessly. In any journey or activity if you don’t have a good companion half the battle is lost or even if you achieve it, the real joy of this achievement can’t be felt. There might be fight over who contributed more.

So, what I want to emphasize is one must choose his fellow team members, companions very wisely because doing that makes half the battle won.

There could many lessons from life but this came to my mind today. This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- What you have learned from life so far? #life

Thanks for reading.


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