What is truth?

Let’s talk a bit about truth. What is truth? Often it happens that we gather a number of facts and build a narrative to present something that we want people to believe and accept as truth.

Firstly I would like to quote a Shair by Urdu poet Krishna Bihari ‘Noor’ Ji, he says-

सच घटे या बढ़े तो सच न रहे,
झूठ की कोई इंतेहा ही नहीं|

Which means that if we add a little bit to the truth or decrease it a little bit, it does not remain truth, but when we are presenting some false picture, when we opt to tell lies, there is no limit about how far we can go.

We often listen to political leaders speaking about their parties, their values and achievements. They often know the art of presentation. They build a narrative by choosing the positive points associated with their party and appear to be quite convincing. When we listen to the party opposing them, then also we appear to be convinced. Same is the case with lawyers presenting the case of the victim or accused. The reason being that they choose the points which go in their favor to build the narrative and present the case.

For example, if we talk about the congress party in India, and some leader tells about the past achievements of the party, their role in the freedom movement, he can very well impress. But the fact remains that the congress party of today is in no way, the party that participated in the freedom struggle. The fact remains that it only has the same name, nothing else. Congress of that time was actually a movement, with all who wanted to fight for freedom gathered together for that mission. Today it has become a family owned party as per my narrative. But still one can present it any other way.

There could be so many examples, like the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. Suddenly we find that the Bollywood film fraternity appears to be having so many villains. Those people must have always been there, but suddenly when we find that a sensitive and creative young person lost his life due to bad behavior of some people there, this truth has surfaced. The guilty must be punished but the fact remains that the industry is the same which we adored earlier. There have always been all type of persons there. The nice people must be appreciated and the wicked must be exposed and punished, according to their acts.

Actually, truth does differ from person to person! For us truth is the way we see it. The color of the glasses we wear, we may call it our ideology or say political leaning, does determine how we see a particular activity, organisation or may be a person. There are people in the field of journalism who would never find anything done by Mr. Modi to be a positive step, while they never have the courage to oppose the senseless utterings of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, who keeps doing so.

So I would like to conclude that everybody has his or her own version of truth, depending on how he or she perceives it, political leaning and also vested interests, for which many people become part of some very powerful lobbies sometimes.

One more thing, in case of some activity done by somebody, whether it is some criminal act or one which benefits the society and which can’t be ignored by anybody, we can say that it is ‘naked truth’, since we can’t ignore some facts, inspite of the glasses of some ideology we wear, we can say that ‘it is naked truth’.

One more thing, in the present circumstances it is not easy to say that truth always wins, but I feel that our efforts and our faith should be so strong that it does make it happen. In any circumstances we must not lose this faith.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Why is it so difficult to establish the truth? Why is it called naked truth? Does truth really win? #NakedTruth

Thanks for reading.


4 responses to “What is truth?”

  1. Lovely. A very good analysis.


    1. shri.krishna.sharma avatar

      Thanks a lot Yagnesh Ji.


    1. shri.krishna.sharma avatar

      Welcome ji.


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