Sleep Regulation for Health

Sh. Bikramjit Konwar is a versatile blogger and an expert in healthy living and naturopathy, who regularly writes on subjects like- Health, Happiness, effective ways to deal with health problems, some common treatments and also on a variety of other subjects. I have been regularly following Sh. Konwar’s postings and found them quite useful.

Now that the book- ‘Holistic Approach to Restorative Sleep’, has been published by Sh. Bikramjit Konwar on Amazon and in this book, he has dealt with various problems caused by the modern life style, which if not cared for, can make a lasting negative impact on our health and may even prove to be fatal.

This is the area in which Mr. Konwar is an expert and I feel that this book might prove to be quite useful for the readers, since the problems he has dealt with, in this book are proving to be silent killers for our life and are basically caused by our casual life style.

The problems he has dealt with in this book like insomnia, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, depression etc. are very common now a days and we need to adopt a healthy life style, take precautions for fighting them effectively and not allow them to make a dangerous dent on our health. He tells us some proven and powerful methods to achieve sleep restoration and eventually overcome a number of such problems caused by not having proper sleep. It is great to learn what wonderful benefits deep sleep can provide to us, it works for us while we are taking rest. Such benefits include- muscle repair, memory consolidation, clearing metabolic waste and releasing such hormones which help in weight loss, controlling blood sugar etc.

There are so many useful tips regarding food choices, maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle, useful exercises, emotional well-being, stress management and ways to calm the mind before going to sleep etc. etc.
I think this book written by Sh. Konwar, based on the vast experience he has in this field should prove very useful for the readers.

So I would recommend that my friends who care for their health and wish to learn how to adopt a healthy life style, how to regulate our sleep cycle, have deep and undisturbed sleep like a child and reap the enormous benefits, maintain good health, develop immunity and be an active, healthy and contributing member of the society should read this book and move a step ahead in maintaining good health.

This book- ‘Holistic Approach to Restorative Sleep’ by Sh. Bikramjit Konwar has 115 pages and in this short volume provides very useful tips for a healthy life style. The book is available on Amazon for all readers now.

I wish Sh. Konwar all the success with this publication and also wish that maximum people get benefited by reading this useful book.

Thanks for reading.


4 responses to “Sleep Regulation for Health”

  1. The book seems worth reading.


    1. shri.krishna.sharma avatar

      Yes, I also feel so.


  2. […] I am very much thankful to senior respected personnel Shri Krishna Sharma for writing a review of this book in his writings […]


    1. shri.krishna.sharma avatar

      Welcome ji.


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