Faith, Belief and Motivation!

We humans are one of the millions of species that exist in the universe. We keep thinking about our life, aims and how to achieve our goals, how to succeed in life. Do we ever think whether other living beings also have some goals, dreams or aspirations in life and whether they are on the right path to achieve them!

Among the many things, items and devices man has created or invented, I think robots fit in the space, that we human beings occupy amongst the creations of God. Though I have not come across any complete Robot yet, only seen them in movies etc. In some stories we witnessed that the robot didn’t perform as per its programming. I wonder God almighty might also be thinking after seeing our performance that this person is not performing as per the original programming!

Anyway, it is a fact that we are the special creatures in the universe, God almighty loves us and created us to do some special things in the world and make our planet a better place to live, while achieving our personal goals also.

Every individual has his own individual goals and also a role in making this world worth living in some way or the other. We all work for each other in some way or the other and in this way achieve the goals set for ourselves and help the society to perform better.

In any case everybody first thinks about his or her own well being and that of the individual family. Human life is such a complicated thing that nobody else can guide us in every field. There is no set formula that everybody can follow in his or her life to achieve success.

The only thing is that we learn from the examples of other people. Like some scientist who failed 100 times, he said now I know that these 100 ways are not to be used for achieving this goal. A political leader who lost elections at every level, finally became the President of America.
So, the basic thing is that we must keep trying, keep our hopes alive, be prepared to accept challenges, study our own conditions and requirements and make own progression plan.

While doing all that we can learn from the lives of other people, not necessarily from the rich and powerful people, but also from other ordinary people, from their success and failures.

Yes, in this process, the motivational and self-help books might prove helpful to some extent, since these normally are based on real life examples and personal experiences of many people. The vital part of it, that I too believe is that faith makes the biggest contribution in our success. If we ourselves accept defeat, then nobody can make us succeed and like we have read so many times, ‘One becomes the way he or she believes’. Our belief and faith make the biggest contribution in our success. What else do we have to supplement our efforts in achieving our goals.

This is my humble submission on the #IndiSpire prompt- Is life as simple and promising as our motivational and self-help books think? #FacileOptimism

Thanks for reading.


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