Daily Prompt: Educate- Keep learning

we all need education and our being educated must reflect in our behavior .

When we talk about education, we mostly mean formal education, which starts with the play schools now a days for children and can continue as long as a person wants to learn more skills or virtues, as a part of formal education. Otherwise non-formal education continues throughout our life, we keep educating others and also getting educated our self at the same time, through all our activities.

We need to adopt the learning culture, get the right inspiration and in a way education from every achievement or failure we come across in life.

We have learnt about personalities who failed almost at every step in their life, until one day the world found them sitting at the top, because they never accepted defeat and learnt from every failure.

There are Teachers or Gurus who  teach others but the real teachers are those, who constantly keep teaching themselves. As one said after failing ten times that he had eliminated ten wrong ways of doing that, so now he was ten steps nearer to his point of success.

Education or learning needs two basic things- one is a strong desire to  acquire knowledge and the second is faith. Faith in oneself that he can achieve the goals.

Let’s all be educated to the extent possible and make our utmost contribution to the progress and well being of humanity.


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