258. Keep Drinking O Jovial Guy!

I normally write my posts in Hindi. But now since I am participating in a month long campaign ‘My friend Alexa’ organized by Blogchatter, during September I would submit some of my posts in English. Today I submit a layman’s English translation of a Ghazal written by Akhtar Sheerani Ji and sung by Ghulam Ali jI. The title of the Ghazal is ‘Mastaana Piye Ja’. It is my humble effort, I know it is not a perfect translation, just an effort.

Keep Drinking O Jovial Guy

Hey jovial guy (Mastaana), keep drinking (wine),
keep drinking o jovial guy,
What to talk of a Peg, keep consuming
the whole of wine ( Bar-Maikhana).

And in this process, immerse all the sadness
caused by miseries of the world, in the wine.
Hey you, the loser heart,
drink it as a healing formulation.

You are not familiar with
the etiquettes of drinking,
So follow dictats of the
Bar-girl (/boy), and keep drinking.

In this holy land of drinkers,
you exist by your jovialness,
Be totally crazy and keep drinking,
with the spirit of a drinker.

The hustle-bustles of the Bar (maikhaana)
are to last for a little while more,
A new day is about to begin,
so keep drinking 
you, the  icon of craziness.

and here is the original Ghazal in Roman script-

Mastaana piye ja yun hi mastaana piye ja – 2
Paimaana to kya cheez hai maikhaana piye ja.

Kar gharq-e-mao-jaam gham-e-gardish-e-ayyaam – 2
 Ae dil-e-naakaam hakeemaana piye ja.

Mai-noshee ke aadaab se aagah nahin tu – 2
Jis tarah kahe saaqi-e-maikhaana piye ja

Is makr ki basti mein hai masti hi se hasti – 2
Deewana ban aur baa-dil-e-deewana piye ja

Maikhaane ke hungaame hain kuchh der ke mehmaan
Hai subah-o-qaareeb akhtar-e-deewana piye ja.

That’s all for today.

Have a nice day.

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