We must raise our voice, when required!


This post I am writing keeping in mind the Indian scenario, but I feel that it holds good for any country, any society and any environment.

Our country India had witnessed a phase in recent past, when one after another scams were coming to light. It does not happen suddenly. The ruling class feels the nerve of the public. They fathom the reactions of people, when they commit a small impropriety involving public money. When they find that nobody is reacting, they go a little further. Slowly they go on raising the bar, as someone doing high-jump does and one day we find ‘2 G scam’ and ‘commonwealth scam’ like things happen.

I remember the JP movement, when people under the great leadership of late Jayaprakash Narayan Ji said ‘enough is enough’, now we would not bear this all. JP inspired people not to accept injustice, if you can’t do much at least register your protest he said, tell the doer that ‘it is not right’ . The whole of nation came to streets, so many political and social leaders and workers were put in Jail, country also witnessed the black phase of emergency. As a result Mrs. Gandhi lost power.

New government led by Late Morarji Desai Ji was formed which performed quite well but again we came back to square one, some minority governments supported by congress were formed and pulled down easily. And what came out from that great exercise for propriety, could anybody believe- people like ‘Lalu Prasad Yadav’ are the product of that movement.

Again sometime passed and people had to raise voice again as scam after scam came to light. This time the social reformer sh. Anna Hazare was in the forefront, who performed indefinite fast and it appeared that the whole of the country had come on the streets. As a result the ruling party became so unpopular that they lost miserably in the next general elections.

Now again the erstwhile ruling family is desperate to come back to power. I feel that performance of the government should be closely monitored by the public and wherever they go wrong, they should be vehemently opposed and if something good is being done that should also be appreciated.

I would only like to emphasize that if we as common people are vigilant, no ruling class can take us for a ride. As someone said- ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’. The only thing is that we must be guided by the people’s issues and not by vested interests to support or oppose the governments. Every person should apply his own judgment since there are political people in ruling or opposing combination providing you their own interpretations.

I have mostly  talked keeping focus on political environment, but one has to raise voice against things going in wrong direction at every place, be it the family, neighbour hood, community, office or what not?

This post is written based on the #DangerousSilence,   # IndiSpire prompt .

This is my first post under #MyFriendAlexa. Since I am participating in this campaign, this month I would mostly submit my entries in English.




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