262. Remembering the Teachers!

Teacher’s day came and has already gone on 5th September, the birthday of our Ex. President- Late. S.Radhakrishnan Ji. What a great scholar he was. He was an icon of Indian ancient knowledge and culture. A true example of ‘simple living and high thinking’. He wrote several books on Indian philosophy and culture, on Bhagvad Gita and Upnishads. He really remained an ideal teacher whole life.   A saint who converted the President’s house into a temple.

That is the ideal we remember on the occasion of teacher’s day. We expect our teachers to emulate these ideals. I do remember some of my teachers who were examples of simplicity and devotion. In my initial blog posts I mentioned some of them, One Manohar Lal Ji, the Hindi teacher in Babu Ram Model Higher Secondary School, Shahdara-Delhi,  who held the stage all the time and was the pivot of all cultural activities. One O.P.Sharma Ji, English teacher, another English teacher- Harish Chandra Goswami Ji, who was very lovely person but later (several years after my leaving that school), he stopped a student from copying in exams and that student stabbed him to death! After this incident the school of mine lost the word ‘Model’ from its name.

Today I am remembering a person who was first my colleague and then became a teacher in a way. He was Mr. Noor Nabi Abbasi from Central Translation Bureau, New Delhi. In ‘Sansadiya Rajbhasha Samiti’ I went on deputation as L.D.C., the lowest level of table working staff and Mr. Abbasi had come on deputation from Central Translation Bureau. We worked in the same office together for 2-3 years and had very good relation, he was a very inspiring person.

Later I joined as ‘Hindi Translator’, in All India Radio, Jaipur and Mr. Abbasi had already gone back to Central Translation Bureau, where he was a very good faculty. Translators attend 3 months translation course at Central Translation Bureau, I also went there and then I realized how good faculty Mr. Abbasi was. He had great command over English, Hindi and Urdu. I think he was a junior but the most effective of the faculties there. That ‘in service training’ is most important for translators and I stood first in that 3 months training, which was instrumental in my career growth later, as I who started at L.D.C. level, retired at DGM level. I give full credit to Abbasi Ji and other faculties there as the medal I earned there, on coming first amongst the participants was a great turning point in my career.

Anyhow we do expect such devotion from our teachers today. Truly some teachers or for that matters some people in every profession would always remain fully devoted, those who add value to their profession, but the number is fast decreasing, as it appears. Though I think people in teaching field are today earning quite good, if we leave aside some private schools where there is very much exploitation. But the 5-star schools which pay the maximum are also in the private field.

It sometimes pains to think whether we deserve to get the services of good teachers, doctors or people in any such field! Today there is no respect for such professions. For us they are ‘service providers’! We pay them and expect desired results. A teacher or a doctor makes his inputs, as per his capacity, results are not fully under his control. If our child has to perform well, it depends on his own preparation and basic knowledge, receptivity also; similarly whether a patient gets cured or not depends on his body condition etc. also.

The situation today is not good for attracting good teachers or doctors! People are not ready to accept undesirable results, they go and fight. They say we have paid and we need desired results for our worthless student or physically spoilt patient!
On this occasion I only wish that we get more and more learned and devoted teachers (doctors also) and our behavior makes it possible that more and more good professionals join these fields.

That is all that came to my mind on this occasion.

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