Remembering the Dream merchant-Raj Kapoor!

I remember a scene from ‘Mera Naam Joker’ the epic movie, the biggest dream of Raj Kapoor on celluloid. There are Indian and Russian artists in second part of the movie, who all work in a Circus. As you might be knowing Raj kapoor himself played as ‘Raju’, the always laughing and singing ‘Joker’. In the end of that part, the Russian artist leaves, whom the joker Raju had started loving, since his pious love did not know any boundaries of language and citizenship.

Anyhow the Russian lady artist is leaving for Russia and Raju (Raj Kapur) alongwith the ring-master- Dara Singh comes to the airport to see her off. The lady artist says ‘Dasvidaniya’ (would meet again) to Raju, who had learnt a little Russian from her and taught her some Hindi words also. The ring-master does not understand this word and says to Raju ‘We have heard about language of love, but what did that young lady say to you in Russian?’

On that Raju tells, Ustaad she reminded me of an old movie song! And the song is played in the background-

Abaad nahi, Barbaad nahi,
Gaataa hoon khushi ke geet magar,
Zakhmon se bharaa seen hai mera,
Hansti hai magar ye mast nazar!
Is duniya me tere teer ka, yaa taqdeer ka maara hoon,
Awaara hoon!

(I am neither well settled in life nor devastated,
Still I sing the songs expressing happiness,
My heart is deeply hurt,
But my dreamy eyes are always smiling!
In the whole world I am either hurt by your arrow
Or by my fate.
I am an aimless wanderer.)

Yes today, I thought of discussing the biggest ‘dream merchant’ (Sapno ka saudaagar) of Hindi film industry- Raj Kapoor Ji. The other day I was discussing somewhere regarding how a person who remains calm and composed, when he finds a medium to express himself, there is no limit to the extent he can reach!

Raj Kapoor was a child born in well placed, very famous family of Prithvi Raj Kapur Ji, a great film and stage artist, who also established ‘Prithvi theatre’. Prithvi Raj Ji never provided Raj Kapoor a smooth ride to stardom, he made him to initially work under some famous director as assistant and develop slowly.

And finally when Raj Kapoor developed his own dream team for producing films, what a great team it was, be it Music, song writing, singing, photography and what not? He also utilised the talent of great story writer and film maker- Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Ji.

Starting from Aag to Satyam Shivam Sundaram a great journey of film making, which included such great films like- Awaara, Jis Desh me Ganga bahti hai, Jaagte Raho etc. such great jewels of Hindi Cinema, I do not think there could be any other Raj Kapoor in Indian Cinema.
Some songs of Raj kapoor reached beyond the boundaries of countries and languages. I think he was the most popular Indian after Nehru in Russia and several other countries. Today also several foreign nationals sing the song-‘ Awaara hoon’.

We observed teacher’s day a few days earlier, I felt that I should pay my tributes to that great showman of Indian film industry, whom I consider my Guru in a way.

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