Some Indian politicians are simply worthless!

Today I am writing this post based on the subject suggested in # IndiSpire , which is #IdiotsInParliament.

I am a little bit hesitant to repeat this subject as it is, since people who go to the parliament, the state legislatures etc. are those whom either we select through our votes or they are voted and selected by those, whom we have already selected.

But the situation today is very dismal, there might be some illiterate persons who give statements like- ‘Kerala is punished because people there eat beef. Girls are raped because they eat chowmein, wear jeans, and use cellphones’. Such people express their ignorance, and also the hatred they carry for some region, religion, gender etc. , but should not we examine them well before we send them to parliament or the assemblies?

It is said that we get the type of government, the type of leaders we deserve. Yes very true that the leaders who give such type of statements are idiots and their parties need to take strict action against them. But the fact is that the media gives them wide coverage and they feel to have become hero by such silly utterances. They should in-fact be boycotted by the media.

We mostly find big agitations against the government and some political parties, these agitations are conducted by some other political party or pressure group. If the people, who have voted these silly leaders, they agitate against them, gherao them, telling that you are insulting our wisdom in selecting you! If such things could happen, I am sure no political leader would have the courage to give such statements.

However, I feel more concerned about highly educated and seasoned leaders like Mani Shanker Aiyer. Who go and hug the separatists, tell them that we stand behind you, not only that who go to Pakistan and seek their support to remove the duly elected government of his own country.

I feel more concerned about the leaders who ignore the insurgency in Kashmir, killing of soldiers but are ever ready to speak against Indian soldiers. They are ever ready to speak, when action is taken against anybody for anti-India activities. They feel that the human rights are for separatists only and not for our soldiers.

We just now witnessed a country-wide bandh. It was against rising prices of petrol and diesel. Very true that the prices of petrol and diesel are a matter of great concern and central and state governments need to take quick action on that. But how should such agitations be conducted! It appears that anti-social elements find an open chance to do whatever they want on such occasions. No matter for what that agitation is being conducted. I remember during the agitation for Jat reservation in Haryana, some grave crimes happened. Big parts of roads were dug-out. In present agitation also buses and other public and private property was burnt out.

I remember a lady legislature in Madhya Pradesh, who during farmer movement I think, directed her followers to burn a police station. I feel that she was foolish also since she said that on camera, but that exposes the designs and standard of our leaders.

To sum up, I would like to say that our leaders should not only be sincere, they should speak well and act well. For getting power they should not resort to unfair means. No doubt we, as their bosses should control and guide them, not be followers of their silly designs and acts.

I would also like to mention that most of our leaders are sincere and learned, but like everywhere such silly and outspoken fellows attract the spotlight.

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