Does success in business need a good model or better approach!

I am writing this post in reaction to a prompt, actually it is a competition, in which people have to present their business models and a reputed jury would judge the ideas, which can be implemented successfully and there are very attractive prizes for winners. This is a great opportunity for those who have unique business ideas, details of this competition are given in ‘Blog Adda’, I hope those having good business ideas would participate in this competition, for which they have to register as per details given on ‘Blog Adda’ home page.

Since I do not have much interest in business, I am not made for that, I am just publicizing it through my blog post and I would feel happy if somebody getting this information through me would participate and get any attractive prize.

What came to my mind after reading it was that a person after doing good research in any market segment, any locality can develop good business in any field. Again somebody might build his or her narrative based on this! What comes to my mind is that there are lacs of tea vendors in India, how many of them have developed good business? Some having shop at a good location might be earning better, but is there great scope?

There is a tea shop in DLF area, Gurgaon where they claim to have several varieties of tea and we find there great rush, day and night. In the field of coffee, today there are so many chains worldwide- to name just some which are popular in India, we may mention- Barista, Café coffee day etc. So in a way we need to add some glamour, some special attraction to it, and make it a brand actually!

We know several food chains, starting from foreign chains- KFC etc but then we have developed several of our own- Bikanerwala, Brijwaasi etc. which are very successful today. I remember the indian restaurants in London, which I came to know were established before our independence and they have made a great mark there.

So one needs to develop and prove his or her specialty in any field or we may get hooked up to some famous chain and may be then keep developing our own brand too.

I incidentally discussed about restaurants and food related products only but it is a very small part, If you go on exploring only sky is the limit.

So I as a person who actually does not have any interest in business, but I feel that if we work hard and research in any given field, catch the taste or reactions of people for that particular product, then definitely we can conquer that field, of-course business idea would be a stepping stone for that. That is why I am telling you, if you have any unique business idea, please participate in this competition and I wish you all the best.

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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    1. I do not have any interest in business, however I feel that a true businessman studies the needs of a particular place, market and his own areas of strength, and takes a well evaluated decision.

  1. Like all human activity, business is competitive. Again, like all human activity, if you have the desire, eventually you are likely to find success in your endeavours.

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