Anoop Jalota- being famous this way!

This post of mine is dedicated to famous Bhajan and Ghazal singer- Sh. Anoop Jalota. He has now come into news and I understand that a new season of ‘Big Boss’ is being presented now a days.

I do not watch this show called ‘Big Boss’, in which some people are made to stay at a place, cut off from the world, being the empire of ‘Big Boss’ and barring some good persons who also participated in this show, mostly the participants are worthless and they do silly things to become famous instantly.

This time Anoop Jalota ji and his young music disciple – jasleen entered the show with a definite plan of hitting the headlines in a wrong way, which is the normal way of Big Boss fame. But Sh. Anoop Jalota being an otherwise reputed artist, this fame does not suit his image.

Anoop Ji and Jasleen were known to people as a Guru and his disciple in Music, but on entering the show they first time declared that they were in love.

I remember the lines of a Bhajan sung by Jalota Ji, regarding Mira Bai-

Aisi laagi lagan, Mira ho gayi magan
Wo to gali-gali hari gun gaane lagi.
Koi roke nahi, koi toke nahi,
Mira premi pritam ko manaane lagi.

The English translation is as under-

She became so diligent in love that Mira forgot everything else,
she moved everywhere chanting the praises for her God.
Let nobody stop her or ask her questions,
Mira is busy making her beloved happy.

This news has come is a surprising style of Big Boss, like a publicity stunt, even though it might be entirely true.

In the field of art, this is not a new thing, the fans, lovers of art become lovers of the artist. When Rajesh Khanna died, we heard that during the days of his popularity, young girls kissed his white car so much that it became red!

I remember the name of famous Hindi writer- Agyey Ji and Sitar maestro – Ravi Shanker Ji, who had very young lovers also Amrita Pritam Ji had a young artist- Imroz, as her lover. For many stars like – Dharmendra, Rishi kapoor etc. there was a long list of young girls who dreamt to marry them.

The world of art is such, where a fan looks at the presentation and this myth becomes the reality for him or her. Everybody has the right to love and be loved, but what to say about glamour- when the smoke-screen of glamour disappears and the person returns to real world, then he or she might repent a lot. Still it is for him or her only to withdraw or move further.

At this I remember that Anoop Jalota had 3 marriages, of which one died due to illness and I think there were 2 divorces.

What I want to point out here is that the one who became his first wife- Sonali was also his disciple in music, they became lovers, married and were a hit a singing pair. But then Sonali Jalota, who had fallen in love with her idle Anup Jalota, fell in love with Roop Kumar Rathore, who was the Tabla player with them and she became-Sonali Rathore, they also gave some nice songs. This was new music in their life.

I remember a Ghazal, which Anoop Ji had then sung, with so much pain finding reflection in it-

Jab se gaye hain aap, kisi ajnabi ke saath,
so dard lag gaye hain, meri zindagi ke saath.

That is-

(Since the time you left me and went away with a stranger,
Hundreds of types of pains have become a part of my life.)

Anyway Anoop ji overcame those pains and discovered new sources of happiness again and again, good. Yes these celebrities are more liberated and their fans keep giving them love and what not!
But we the common people live in a close-knit society, where every activity is under close watch by others, specially relatives. I remember a poem by sh. Ramesh Ranjak, which says-

Bandhu re ham-tum, ghane jangal ki tarah hote,
Naam bhar waale agar rishtey nahi dhhote.

Which means-

(Dear Bro., we could have become like a rich forest,
Had we not carried the weight of relations,
Which are there for name sake.)

All that came to my mind, kind courtesy the controversy arising by the love affair of Anoop Jalota Ji. I wish them all the best.

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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