Would it happen or not!

Whatever is lying on the table, may not be able to tell the story, but they are the witness to a very eventful period lasting for around an hour.

Sachin lives here as a PG, this is Gurgaon city, where he came, joined a job and at present lives alone here. His colleague Sarita also works in the same office. She also came to Gurgaon on being selected for job in the same company. She is from Bhopal and both of them are single and living in separate PG accommodations here, 2-3 KMs away from each other.

They have been working together for almost a year, they have a good working relationship, both feel that they are in love but their views on technical issues and also on politics differ a lot. Still they feel that such difference of opinion on many issues is a part of life, does not create any problem, as long as they love each other as individuals.

During last 2 months this feeling of love has found much expression in words, emotions, some notes and letters and to some extent physically also.

The bigger issue is that they belong to different castes, Sarita is from upper caste brahmin family and her parents are quite orthodox, they were not ready to allow her to move here for work, but it was their financial condition only that made them agree for working away from home. Still her mother kept reminding her that she should not fall in any love-trap as her father would never agree for that and specially for any lower caste boy.

However since the two had moved quite far in this relationship, and Sachin had no problem as he believed that his parents would agree and even if they do not, he would move further as per his own decision. But that was not the case with Sarita. At last Sarita wrote a letter to her parents telling that she was in love with Sachin and wanted to marry him.

This letter from Sarita created a storm in her family, they did not appear to agree at any cost and threatened her of dire consequences. She had come to Sachin today for sharing all that, with the letter that she received from her father. She wanted that before anything serious happens, he should marry her. Sachin told her that he would definitely marry her but he needed some time. He was sure that his parents would participate in the function and bless them, but Sarita was not sure that she could wait anymore as the news had gone to her parents already.

They were here together for almost one hour, there was great emotional drama, Sachin read the letter that Sarita had received from her father, he loved, consoled and argued a lot. Sachin told her that they would find a solution to the problem very soon, but nothing could satisfy Sarita and she left the place with anger and desperation. Sachin could not make her believe that everything would now happen as per their wishes now.

Half an hour has past since she left. Sachin is hopeful that everything should be alright but today he was not able to convince Sarita and in fact he himself was also not fully confident.
Let’s see what happens next, hope for the best. However things on the table are still telling the story of that meeting!

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