You win, I also win!

Now when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is coming to an end, I wish to share the English version of a very popular Hindi song from film- Diwaana, sung by Mukesh Ji. Raj Kapur Ji and Saira Banu Ji were in lead roles in this film released in 1968. Lyric by Shailendra Ji and music by Shanker Jaikishan Ji.

The song gives a very nice message of everybody being a winner, we are not here to win individually and defeat others, but the best result is when everybody wins.

Though poems and songs are very difficult to be translated in real sense, here is the English translation attempted by me, which can only tell what all have been said in this beautiful song-

You a winner, I also a winner

You a winner, I too a winner
neither you lost, nor did I,
the journey together
has now come to an end,
neither you lost, nor did I.

The flower of your memories,
I would always keep close to my heart,
and you also smile a little,
whenever you remember this crazy fellow (me).

We would meet again,
when destiny makes it possible,
neither you lost, nor did I.

Does time ever stop,then how could you?
has anybody touched the moon?
Then why could I stretch my arm (to touch the moon i.e. you),

While you are at that end,
I am on this corner,
neither you lost, nor did I.

I had a lot to share,
but now silence is better,
this world is like a waiting room,
and life is a continuous journey.
where does anybody stop
on being called by someone else,
neither you lost, nor did I.

And here is the original Hindi song in Roman script-

Tumhaari bhi jai jai, hamaari bhi jai jai
Na tum haare na hum haare,

Safar sath jitna tha ho hi gayaa tay
na tum haare na hum haare.

Yaad ke phool ko hum to apne
dil se rahenge lagaaye,

aur tum bhi hans lena jab ye
deewana yaad aaye.

Milenge jo fir se milaa de sitare
Na tum haare na hum haare.

Waqt kahaan ruktaa hai to phir
Tum kaise ruk jaate,

Chaand chhuaa hai Aakhir kisne
Hum hi kyun haath badhaate.

Jo uss paar ho tum
To hum is kinaare
Na tum haare na hum haare.

Tha to bahut kahne ko lekin
Ab to chup behatar hai.
Ye duniya hai ek saraay, jeevan ek safar hai.

Rukaa kab hai koi kisi ke pukaare
Na tum hare na hum hare.

Tumhari bhi jai jai hamari bhi jai jai.

That’ all for now.
Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

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