Never thought what’s right or wrong

Now, when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is about to get completed, I am submitting one more translation of a lovely Ghazal sung by the singing pair- Jagjit Singh ji and Chitra Singh ji. The beautiful Ghazal is written by Sh. Bashir Badra Ji.

So first the English version of the Ghazal, attempted by me-

Never thought what’s right or wrong,
Never looked or heard about anything,
Never begged from God,day and night,
for anything-Other than you!

I kept watching you, thinking about you,
longing for you, worshiping you,
my love is my crime, you never committed any crime!

The paper on which my eyes-
shed tears like pearls whole night,
I sent the same to him,
did not write anything on it.

He kept sitting on the doorway to the evening
for quite long time,
kept talking through eye movements,
did not utter a word from his mouth.

And here is the original Ghazal, in Roman script-

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi
Maanga khuda se raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi

Dekha tujhe, socha tujhe
Chaaha tujhe, Pooja tujhe
Meri khataa, meri wafaa
Teri khataa, kuchh bhi nahi

Maanga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Jis per humari Aankhon ne
Moti bichhaye the raat bhar
Bheja wohi kajaz use
Humne Likhaa Kuch bhi nahi

Maanga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Ek shaam ki dehleez per
Baithe rahe woh der tak,
Aankhon se ki baatein magar
Muh se kaha kuch bhi nahi.

Manga khuda raat din
Tere siva kuch bhi nahi.

Socha Nahi Accha Bura
Dekha suna Kuch bhi nahi

Just thought of sharing this humble translation of this lovely ghazal as perhaps the last contribution under the #MyFriendAlexa campaign.

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My Alexa ranks in the beginning were –

Global- 1,037,536 863,566
Rank in India 60,812

Now these are-
Global Rank
653,537 974,472
Rank in India

I find this rise quite substantial. I thank my fellow bloggers for their contribution in it.

With this I conclude my submission

Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

This post is also under #MyFriendAlexa campaign. I am participating in this campaign to take my blog to next higher level.

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