Keep the memory lights close to your heart!

Again I fell in love with a lovely Ghazal sung by Bhupinder and Mitali Singh, the famous singing pair. Specially this ghazal written by Qateel Shifai Ji is there singing milestone.

So first the English version of the Ghazal, attempted by me-

Keep an eye on the paths, and keep praying,
somebody may come anytime, so keep the doors open.

Keep lamp of feelings lit in such a way,
take care of yourself, know also about his wellbeing.

In these times of loneliness, shadows are the masters,
Keep the memory lights, close to your heart.

It punishes, by making me wander during nights,
difficult to keep my heart in place, when you are not there.

People are habitual of reading the condition,
through our eyes,
Do not let your conditions, be visible on your face.

O my heart! remind me, if I forget,
have to keep every wound given by circumstances
open and visible.

Not a single tear, should fall on the cloths,
the grief is his property, keep it decorated on your eyelids.

Quateel (the poet) says – our behavior with him should be such,
that he may not feel bad and we may also do,
what our heart wants to do.

And here is the original Ghazal, in Roman script-

Raahon Pe Nazar Rakhna, Honton Pe Duwaa Rakhna
Aa Jaaye Koyi Shaayad Darwaaza Khulaa Rakhna.

Ehsaas Ki Shamma Ko Is Tarha Jalaa Rakhna
Aapni Bhi Khabar Rakhna, Uskaa Bhi Pataa Rakhna.

Tanhaai Ke Mausam Mein, Saayon Ki Huqoomat Hai
Yaadon Ke Ujaalon Ko Seene Se Lagaa Rakhna.

Raaton Ko Bhatakne Ki, Deta Hai Sazaa Mujh Ko
Dushwar Hai Pahlu Men, Dil Tere Binaa Rakhna.

Logon Ki Nigaahon Ko, Padh Lene Ki Aadat Hai
Haalaat Ki Tahreeren, Chehre Se Bachaa Rakhna.

Bhuloon Main Agar Aiy Dil, To Yaad Dilaa Denaa
Tanhaai Ke Lamhon Ka Har Zakhm Haraa Rakhna.

Ik Bound Bhi Ashqon Ki Daman Na Bhigo Paaye
Gham Uss Ki Amaanat Hain Palkon Pe Sajaa Rakhna

Iss Tarha Qatil Us Se Bartaaw Rahe Apna
Wo Bhi Na Bura Maaney Dil Ka Bhi Kahaa Rakhna

Rahoon Pe Nazar Rakhna Honton Pe Dua Rakhna
Aa jaaye Koyi Shayad Darwaza Khula Rakhna…

Just thought of sharing this humble translation of this lovely ghazal today under the #MyFriendAlexa campaign.

This is the 14th post under this campaign, other then some old Hindi posts also, but these are not counted here.

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  1. Gazals are always soothing and full of meaning.

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