Man Hota hai Para, Aise Dekhaa Nahi Karo!

Today I would talk about the biggest power on earth, the essence of life in the world!

It is said- God is love, love is God! But here we are not discussing that #love which binds the universe. Though in whatever form, love is love!

A question have been put before us, ‘Does love pop-up as a surprise.. or it is something that develops slowly, over a period of time’!

So we are talking about the love that develops between two persons, may be strangers who meet somewhere and suddenly feel such an attraction between them, that they feel it should be taken forward.

We have heard the term many times, ‘love at first sight’. It can also develop on some internet sites however!

Yes, this can be a point where two persons find the appearance of each-other so charming, or the behavior – so loving and caring that they feel that they should keep meeting and take this feeling, this love further, may be to a relation!

In such cases, both can feel the attraction to some extent, but in most of the cases, one of them feels that he should initiate and then he or she shares the feeling with the other person, sometimes tries to impress him/her to take it further.

Actually love is not something that can be planned, nor is it a matter to be discussed by philosophers, people who are referred to be learned.

Actually love (prem) and knowledge (gyan) mostly do not go together. Because love does not work on logic and knowledge does not follow the heart.

So, yes when we talk about the love that develops between two human beings, mostly a young boy and a young girl (though not restricted to them only), then initially it is a meeting, may be sudden or first meeting, may be an argument over something also! It is also possible that two persons who are working together, studying together, one fine day they find that they like each-other and may be they start loving each-other.

So love is something which we can observe and tell that it has happened, those who fall in love!, why we call it falling in love! Actually everybody keeps sitting on a high pedestal of self dignity, obsessed with his or her own qualities. When we start loving someone else, we need to remove that high pedestal from under, and as some lovers do, may be come on our knees to propose!

It’s a pity that when we start discussing subjects here, we also discuss ‘love’, which is not an object, a feeling to be dealt by logic!

I remember a Hindi poem, by Sh. Ramanand Doshi Ji, which is a very nice poem on love. Here is the poem-

मन होता है पारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !

जाने क्या कर डाला तुमने, उलट-पुलट मौसम
कभी घाव ज़्यादा दुखता है और कभी मरहम
जहाँ-जहाँ ज़्यादा दुखता है
छूकर वहीं दुबारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !

कौन बचाकर आँख सुबह की नींद उघार गया
बूढ़े सूरज पर पीछे से सीटी मार गया
हम पर शक पहले से है
तुम करके और इशारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !

होना-जाना क्या है, जैसा कल था, वैसा कल
मेरे सन्नाटे में बस ख़ामोशी की हलचल
अँधियारे की नेमप्लेट पर
लिख-लिखकर उजियारा
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो !
मन होता है पारा !
ऐसे देखा नहीं करो!

I was thinking of giving an English translation of this lovely poem, but then I thought, translation of a poem is quite difficult job and further translating this poem into English is almost impossible for me, so I dropped the idea. These feelings are not easy to express in English, as they are, at least for me.

In this poem the poet tells how his heart (man) becomes like fluid (mercury) when his love-lady looks towards him. He further says that through her magic-spell, she made all the seasons change their effects, there is also an expression that sometimes the wound gives more pain and sometimes the healing ointment or touch. The poet also says that his condition is not going to change much so he asks not to make him dream of great changes.

Anyway, this is all that came to my mind while thinking about the subject Does love pop-up as a surprise… or is it something that develops slowly over a period of time? #Love under # IndiSpire .

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  1. Sinjana says:

    It is true that some pieces of literature cannot be translated into a different language while maintaining the same beauty. A very well-articulated message

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