WOW: When I Tell The Truth

Very well said by Mark Twain- “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” But it is quite hard to understand, why people weave stories when somebody asks a straight question and for reasons really not understandable to others, they tell something which is anything but the truth.

People form such a habit of telling lies, may be as a child in the beginning when they may have done something wrong, not done anything that was expected from them and all the more children get inspired by their parents and seniors, when they know that they are telling lies to some other person, for reasons best known to them!

The way honesty is called the best policy, not telling the truth to others is also an act of being dishonest to others. Why at all do we need to tell lies? And this becomes the habit. There is no reason why a person can not survive by always telling the truth!

I know one of the lies which people often tell others is telling their location wrongly. In this regard mobile phone have provided a great help to habitual liars. When you are talking on landline phone from your home or office, you can’t tell the other person that you are in the market or have gone to some other city? Further when you are in a famous market and some person asks you to bring something, which is famous and available in that particular market, you simply tell your location different or tell you have come back from that market long back.

We have heard stories of the truthful King Harishchandra and Gandhi Ji is quite famous for taking a pledge of truthfulness. He faced several odd situations for telling the truth as a child. His autobiography is quite famous with the name- ‘My experiments with truth’. The eldest Pandav in Mahabharat- Yudhishtir is also famous for his truthfulness and being always honest and fair.

People develop this habit of telling lies initially for saving themselves from a little awkward situations or not willing to do some favor to a person but when it becomes a habit, they normally start telling lies only. I remember when I was young, a friend of mine was making and repairing transistor radios etc. (Presently he has a big electronics shop). He told me once that it has become his habit that even if his father asks him the cost of a Transistor Radio, he is not able to instantly tell the truth.

I have seen such situations with habitual liars that they tell one thing to one person, may be about their location and another to the other, but wrong to both and then sometimes forget what they told to the first person and what to the other!

So I am clear about it, that when I have told somebody a lie it can get caught anytime and When I Tell The Truth, I do not have to worry that I would be proven wrong sometime.

So in my view one should try never to tell lies or otherwise they may make a diary, where they keep the record regarding what lies have been told to a particular person. So either tell the truth and remain cool and calm or go on telling lies and keeping their record.
Choice is yours!

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  1. Totally agree with you Sir, very nicely explained.

  2. BIKRAMJIT says:

    It is a inner feeling, a truth of heart. We can’t lie ourselves. A beautiful post

  3. Aditi says:

    Great one. Liers are sinners.

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