A dream journey to remember!

https://youtu.be/3g6dDFy3d8oThe world is so beautiful, in a life time- one can view, adore and capture- in his eyes, his mobile, camera etc. a very small part of this wonderful world created by the almighty.

Everybody in the world is busy in routine responsibilities, duties whether he or she is an employee, businessman or women, student, housewife or whatever. Everybody has to keep busy in routine activities, fulfilling normal responsibilities for surviving and maintaining a lifestyle of their own.

But there is a time called vacations! One can’t keep continuously working and keep trapped in a fixed pattern, a time table, same places, same activities! We do need a brake at regular intervals. Employers also have provisions of leave system and may be once in a year or two, for LTC or Leave Travel Concession. That is a normal requirement for human beings.

Besides remaining away from office and family routine, it is also very important that we go away from our place of living, to some other city, tourist location, hill station etc.

We all have dreams about places to visit. Our financial condition and in some cases the support provided by the employers, clients etc. also does help us to determine the range of our journey, our flights, cruising etc.

Suresh was on a flight to London anyway. He was travelling from Mumbai to London by #Lufthansa’s flight. He started from Mumbai early in the morning and would reach London,s Heathrow airport in the afternoon. It is around 9 hours journey from Mumbai to London, but since London time is 5 hrs and 30 mins behind Indian time, so practically the time there would be just 4 hours more than the Indian time when he started.

Anyway he reached the Heathrow airport, such a big airport, took a great time to move out from there after immigration formalities. He was carried from there to cold harbour area in London. It was very nice to look around on the way, the buildings there were either very much traditional or ultra modern. Very wide and clean roads, long tunnels with four lane roads. He was very much impressed by whatever he saw there.

During his stay in London, Suresh enjoyed travelling in tube-rails, buses etc. everywhere he used one smart card for ticketing etc. The tube rail stations there were so beautiful, with various escalators in a row going up and down. The train stations for different stations were at several levels, it appeared sometimes that he had gone deep underground.

During his stay in London, he enjoyed steamer ride in Thames river, which flows across the city and practically half of London is there on each side of the river. Big ships and so many colorful boats keep sailing, in this very broad river and a great part of transportation there is through water way.
Suresh also visited Scotland which he had a great desire to visit as he had heard a lot about its beauty, Queen’s palace, lakes, view points and what not. He also visited some other stations there. There was a famous sea-beach where seven cliffs of a continuous reef mountain look very beautiful and it is called ‘Seven Sisters’.

Suresh was just thinking how he reached this destination, from where he caught train etc. but he was not able to remember. He also thought about how he obtained VISA for visiting there, this also he could not recollect. He was putting pressure on his mind when he heard a voice, it was a Doctor moving his shoulders and calling him, ‘can you hear me Mr. Suresh!’.

Actually Suresh had been in unconscious state for last 3-4 days. He had fell unconscious on way back to home from office and was taken to hospital by people who saw him in this condition.

Sometime earlier his boss had told him in details about his London visit and also shared pics and videos with him, perhaps all that was in his mind, which took him on such a long visit without any ticket and Visa formalities.

I wish, Suresh does get chance to visit London and many more places in near future.

I am participating in Lufthansa’s mind-blowing contest to win some unexpected #TheBlindList prizes.

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  1. This is an unusual twist. Where did Suresh become unconscious? In London or in India? Hope he gets well soon. Description of London is nice. How everyone travels by Tube in London. But in India, we drive our cars. Double standard!

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