WOW: An alarm for me!

We daily use various facilities, tools, machines, appliances etc. in our life. Mostly the more valuable appliances or machines have an in built alarm system with them if humans are to operate them or a cut-off system, a safety valve, as per requirement. Like the pressure cooker, to mention a most common home appliance, it gives a whistle and releases some steam, when more steam pressure builds-up in it. We can then decide when to turn the burner off, or remove the cooker from there, depending on what is cooking in that, otherwise ultimately it might burst.

We started by discussing the machines or appliances we use for our help, for doing various types of jobs, There are hundreds of such machines, gadgets or appliances that we use. But nobody would have any doubt that human beings are the most valuable and most complex of all the machines or gadgets. They are so complex that they can’t be manufactured by human beings. At least till date it is true!

So what about alarm system, safety valves etc. needed or which are in-built in the human system. But who puts human beings under so much pressure! Who creates so much risk for the humans?

Actually the biggest risk factor with them is that humans are thinking, dreaming animals! They think of achieving great, they keep dreaming and their aims as well failures are big. The bigger the city you live in the higher the risk factor associated with you.

In metropolitan cities the day starts with the stress of reaching the place of work in time, the enormous traffic, traffic jams, red lights, honking vehicles in endless queues. Not only adults, school going children also face such pressure.

Then there is the fierce competition which again starts when one is a child and then it goes growing up with the people carrying it! Be it in school, college and then in service or business! In today’s world, specially the metropolitan cities, it appears that people have to step on the shoulders of others to reach where they aim to go!

I remember an old movie where the hero is a very good singer, he is from a village and goes to a big city to showcase his talent, he sings in loud voice on a busy road, the song I remember was- ‘Badi dur se aaye hain, pyaar ka tohfa laaye hain’ (I have come from a far away place and am carrying the gift of love with me) and the whole city, very soon becomes his fan!

To talk about the situation today, I find that there are so many talent shows going on and there so many singers, even very young boys present marvelous songs and most of them get eliminated. And even those very few who win these talent shows do not go very far!

There are so many fields, in whichever field one works, there is stiff competition! Everybody is in a race, even when one does not know what he or she is ultimately going to achieve!

In such a background, there is one thing which everybody gets free, and it is stress! What is the normal effect of stress! Yes it does culminate in depression, if not taken care of and that may spoil a person’s life.

The very common effect of stress is that we lose our cool very easily and the more often we lose our cool, the more we would harm our self, our reputation and the biggest impact is on our health. So to remain healthy and to maintain healthy relations with others it is important that we withdraw from anger in time, which may otherwise destroy our health, relations and reputation.

So the real alarm a human being needs the most in today’s life of fierce competition and the silent dangers to our health and well being is knowing at which stage we are going to be controlled by our anger. The sooner we withdraw from anger, which if not controlled might take away our wisdom and put us at a great risk in terms of relationships and health, the better it would be for our well being.

We are wise people and know what to do and what not to do, but once we handover ourselves to the demon of anger, we do not remain what we were earlier.

I can say that not once but it has happened to me several times that I have lost cool while being in argument on some subject, it is good that I did not take it very far and withdrew sooner than later, but later I felt that it should not have gone that far too. Sometimes it takes people to a point of no return also and does make a very severe impact on health also.

I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever such a flashpoint was about to reach so that I could immediately withdraw and save the situation from going out of control and also making a dangerous impact on my health.

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