Gadgets and us!

Modern life means more and more dependence on gadgets. Today we try to achieve more and more results with lesser and lesser efforts. We can’t get up and put the switch on and of for many things, what to say about tuning of TV, which is a quite old thing now!

I remember in earlier times, when some problem was observed in the big Radio, which was kept on a high platform in the house, it was said that the young child might have touched the Radio, that is why problem happened.

That was a quite old thing, time is changing very fast. Now the young child tells the elder people that operating the remote well may not be possible for them, he learns the operation of remote, mobile phones etc. very fast!

Further in the race of modernism we want to acquire everything with latest facilities, more than our friend or neighbor. Nobody should be in a position to say that his machine or gadget has more facilities than that of mine.

For example mobile phones were initially phones with no fixed location to talk from, they liberated us from using phone from a certain location. We could now talk from anywhere we move but primarily they were for voice calls only but then they added many of the facilities that are associated with computers or laptops. For common people the additional facility that was useful was of video calling, which has become very popular now. But there are umpteen number of facilities in mobile phones now a days, which I think not more than 10% people use. Some facilities might be such which people use when they are away from home and laptop or computer is not within reach, but these facilities are permanently there and we pay for them.

Recently some dish service had an advertisement, in which they said-‘Pay for those channels only which you watch, why pay extra’? But the fact remains that the packages we take for watching TV, mostly we watch 5% of the total channels that are included in our package. Many channels are free or cost is very less, still we do not watch more than 25% of the paid channels also.

Only Mobile phones and TV services came to my mind at the moment but there are so many modern gadgets, of which some people use one type and some another, as per their requirements and location.

Yes it is very much true that most of us use only 30% of the gadgets or the facilities included in them, but we are in a mad race of acquiring the latest gadgets.

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