Education and Literacy

Again I am getting a chance to discuss about the Indian Education system, find faults with it and try to suggest some steps to improve it, while I do not consider myself educated enough to do all that!

But the fact remains that we the Indians, might not be able to accomplish something, do some job in a perfect manner but we are always good at finding faults in things, whatever they are, even in the acts and creations of God, the almighty.

Anyway to begin with the subject, let me say that I am the product of the Indian education system as it prevailed, did my studies in government schools, which are considered worthless by most of the people now a days. It might not be so everywhere today also and I must confess that in the times when I was studying, there were so many devoted teachers, who worked hard to provide quality education, as per the syllabus and the system of course.

I must confess that I have no knowledge of the education systems in places outside India, so with my little knowledge, I would comment based on my Indian experience only.

I have a feeling that the education system, of whatever kind can basically make a person ‘literate’ only. There could be levels of literacy but it is that much only, which can be provided by any system.

When we look at the social behavior of people, whether educated (?) or uneducated, frankly speaking I normally do not find any marked difference in that. May be a person called ‘educated’ might put his point of view in more attractive words, may speak more grammatically correct English or Hindi, but the behavior is not found to be different.

Further in today’s world, where unemployment is a big problem, the first thing we expect from education is ‘employability’ of the taught. People acquire the educational certificates and degrees, mostly to get employment. We might be in a better position to analyze the role of education when the scenario of employment is much better. In present circumstances earning skills could be the most required part of education, though I do not consider it a mark of being educated!

We have been discussing the role of various subjects in making a person educated, there utilization in life etc. I feel that other than acquiring the basic skills in various subjects, there should not be much pressure of remembering some set answers to crack the exams!

The students should be more involved in reading the success stories and teachings of great people. They should be got more involved in writing and speaking extempore on various subjects, more connected with honesty and ethics, problems prevailing in the society and what needs to be done to tackle them.

The students should be developed into an active and expressive citizen. They should be able to realize their real potential and choose the line of their choice. It does generally happen that parents and may be sometimes teachers also force the students choose a wrong line or profession.

When a person is not well settled in his profession, he remains frustrated and a frustrated person can’t contribute positively in any field.

Innovations should always be promoted, sometimes we limit the thinking of new generation and do not allow them to venture into new fields. We have set questions and answers.

I think education is to find answers and not to remember the already set answers.

Rest of the things, some educated person might tell you.

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