WOW: What If, It is festival season always?

Now are the days of festivals, I think starting with Ganesh Puja- festivals, celebrations continue till the year-end, while the year-end, welcoming of the New Year is a big celebration in itself.

There are old stories associated with each festival, some great soul, God himself, worshipping celebrating the old auspicious events, like the return of Lord Ram after winning the war of Lanka, killing the Demon-Ravana etc. We celebrate and try to emulate the virtues of our icons of faith.

Everybody celebrates the festivals, but the basic difference is there! For a child it is pure celebration, happiness, from applying colors on Holi to lighting of lamps and playing with crackers, enjoying sweet dishes on Diwali, it is pure happiness. While the adults have to think several times about how to maintain the standards, to be at par with others in celebrating, decorating and exchanging sweets and other gifts etc.!

I remember a few lines from a Hindi sonnet (Geet) by famous poet Bharat Bhushan Ji-

कंधे पर चढ़ अगली पीढ़ी, जिद करती है गुब्बारों की,
यत्नों से कई गुना ऊंची, डाली है लाल अनारों की,
हर भोर किरन पल भर बहला, काले कंबल में सुला गई।
चक्की पर गेंहू लिए खड़ा, मैं सोच रहा उखड़ा-उखड़ा,
क्यों दो पाटों वाली चाकी, बाबा कबीर को रुला गई॥

I just felt that expressing the immense pressure which the earning adults have to face not just to make both ends meet but also celebrate on the occasion of various festivals.

Before I move further in sharing my ideas on the subject, I remember a few lines from my own Hindi Geet, which is also about the pathetic financial condition of the common man, who in any case has to celebrate also on such occasions-

हैं कहीं महाजन हम, कहीं हैं फक़ीर,
मिटते संबंध ज्यों धुएं की लकीर।

खुशियों के आयोजन भार हो गए,
जड़ता के बंधन स्वीकार हो गए,
बुझे हुए सपने ज्यों होली की राख,
उड़ती तनख्वाह हुई फाग का अबीर!

Sorry, such negative thoughts keep coming to my mind, I think at least in our imaginations we should remain happy and enjoying.

Yes I wish and I imagine that every Indian citizen would be able to celebrate all the festivals with heartfelt happiness and without facing much financial pressure. Ours is a culture of happiness, we have so many festivals lined up to celebrate, be happy and re-enforce our faith in well being of the society and humanity at large.

As we may say in Hindi, we are ‘Ustav Dharmi’ people, our culture tells us to rejoice and celebrate on every possible occasion. #What If such an atmosphere is created in my country again.

But the conditions today are not of so much of happiness. Frankly speaking we have created so many problems by increasing the population mindlessly! This could be a subject of separate discussion, I just mentioned it here.
I had read in the memoirs of some writer, who was sitting in a garden, in some foreign country, perhaps Switzerland. He saw that suddenly a young lady came there, started dancing, danced for a few minutes and then left the place.

Such spontaneous expression of happiness, we might find in small kids, but if it is there in grown-up people and they do not feel shy in expressing it openly, specially young ladies, that is really a great thing.

When that becomes normal in our society, we could consider that we are happy and jovial, ‘Utsav-dharmi’ people, as our culture teaches us to be.

On the occasion of this great series of festivals lined up in a row, I wish that everybody in my country and my world remains happy and always in a mood and position to celebrate. All are happy and healthy with no grave health problem which de-stablize the budgets of common people.

And the basic thing required for that is also that everybody has faith, love for other fellow beings and contributes positively for the society. Let us all live in an environment of love and happiness where those who have a good financial status, they do not just feed the hungry but make arrangements that they do not have to remain hungry, manage earning opportunities for them.
When there would be a loving and helping society, like we say ‘The whole world is a family’, when we would make it real then everyday would be a festival, everybody would be happy and there would really be ‘Ram Rajya’, full of love and happiness. #HappyDussehra

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Happy festival season for all.


Education and Literacy

Again I am getting a chance to discuss about the Indian Education system, find faults with it and try to suggest some steps to improve it, while I do not consider myself educated enough to do all that!

But the fact remains that we the Indians, might not be able to accomplish something, do some job in a perfect manner but we are always good at finding faults in things, whatever they are, even in the acts and creations of God, the almighty.

Anyway to begin with the subject, let me say that I am the product of the Indian education system as it prevailed, did my studies in government schools, which are considered worthless by most of the people now a days. It might not be so everywhere today also and I must confess that in the times when I was studying, there were so many devoted teachers, who worked hard to provide quality education, as per the syllabus and the system of course.

I must confess that I have no knowledge of the education systems in places outside India, so with my little knowledge, I would comment based on my Indian experience only.

I have a feeling that the education system, of whatever kind can basically make a person ‘literate’ only. There could be levels of literacy but it is that much only, which can be provided by any system.

When we look at the social behavior of people, whether educated (?) or uneducated, frankly speaking I normally do not find any marked difference in that. May be a person called ‘educated’ might put his point of view in more attractive words, may speak more grammatically correct English or Hindi, but the behavior is not found to be different.

Further in today’s world, where unemployment is a big problem, the first thing we expect from education is ‘employability’ of the taught. People acquire the educational certificates and degrees, mostly to get employment. We might be in a better position to analyze the role of education when the scenario of employment is much better. In present circumstances earning skills could be the most required part of education, though I do not consider it a mark of being educated!

We have been discussing the role of various subjects in making a person educated, there utilization in life etc. I feel that other than acquiring the basic skills in various subjects, there should not be much pressure of remembering some set answers to crack the exams!

The students should be more involved in reading the success stories and teachings of great people. They should be got more involved in writing and speaking extempore on various subjects, more connected with honesty and ethics, problems prevailing in the society and what needs to be done to tackle them.

The students should be developed into an active and expressive citizen. They should be able to realize their real potential and choose the line of their choice. It does generally happen that parents and may be sometimes teachers also force the students choose a wrong line or profession.

When a person is not well settled in his profession, he remains frustrated and a frustrated person can’t contribute positively in any field.

Innovations should always be promoted, sometimes we limit the thinking of new generation and do not allow them to venture into new fields. We have set questions and answers.

I think education is to find answers and not to remember the already set answers.

Rest of the things, some educated person might tell you.

It is my humble submission in the weekly writing prompt under #Indispire , with the topic #EducationSystem .


संगीत के लिए कुछ छंद

आज अंग्रेजी के प्रसिद्ध कवि लॉर्ड बॉयरन की एक और कविता का भावानुवाद और उसके बाद मूल कविता प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ। पहले प्रस्तुत है मेरे द्वारा किया गया कविता का भावानुवाद-

संगीत के लिए कुछ छंद

ऐसी कोई नहीं होगी सौंदर्य-पुत्री,
जिसका जादू तुम्हारी तरह मुग्ध करता हो,
और तुम्हारा मधुर स्वर है मेरे लिए-
समुद्र के जल पर थिरकते संगीत की तरह;

कभी ऐसा लगता है कि ये ध्वनियां
मुग्ध हुए समुद्र को ठहर जाने को बाध्य कर देती हैं;
लहरें स्थिर होकर जैसे चमचमा रही हों,
और जैसे निद्रामग्न हवाएं स्वप्न देख रही हों।

और अर्द्धरात्रि का चंद्रमा, उस गहरे शून्य के ऊपर-
अपनी सुनहरी जंजीर बुन रहा है,
जिसका सीना ऐसे धीरे-धीरे ऊपर नीचे हो रहा है,
जैसे कोई बच्चा सो रहा हो:

और इसलिए वह परम आत्मा भी तुम्हारे सामने झुकती है,
पूरी परंतु कोमल भावना के साथ-
तुम्हें सुनने और दुलार करने के लिए;
जिस प्रकार गर्मियों के समुद्र में उफान आता है।

और अब मूल अंग्रेजी कविता-

Stanzas For Music

There be none of Beauty’s daughters
With a magic like thee;
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet voice to me:

When, as if its sound were causing
The charmed ocean’s pausing,
The waves lie still and gleaming,
And the lulled winds seem dreaming;

And the midnight moon is weaving
Her bright chain o’er the deep,
Whose breast is gently heaving
As an infant’s asleep:

So the spirit bows before thee,
To listen and adore thee,
With a full but soft emotion,
Like the swell of Summer’s ocean.

                                  Lord Byron



एक आत्मा मेरे सामने आई!

          <strong>एक आत्मा मेरे सामने आई!</strong>

आज अंग्रेजी के प्रसिद्ध कवि लॉर्ड बॉयरन की एक और कविता का भावानुवाद और उसके बाद मूल कविता प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ। पहले प्रस्तुत है मेरे द्वारा किया गया कविता का भावानुवाद-

एक आत्मा मेरे सामने आई!

एक अमर आत्मा मेरे सामने आई: और मैंने गौर से देखा,
अमरत्व का चेहरा उजागर होते हुए-
मुझे छोड़कर, हर व्यक्ति गहरी निद्रा में चला गया;
और वहाँ- खड़ी थी वह आत्मा, पूर्णतः निराकार-परंतु स्वार्गिक:
मेरी हड्डियों के साथ-साथ, धीरे-धीरे मेरी मांस-मज्जा में तीव्र कंपन हुआ:
और जब मेरे पसीने से भीगे केश कड़े हो गए, मैंने यह पूछा:

“क्या मनुष्य ईश्वर के मुकाबले अधिक न्यायप्रिय, अधिक पवित्र है?
तब वह जो देवताओं को भी असुरक्षित मानता है?
माटी के प्राणी- धूल-मिट्टी में व्यर्थ जीवन बिताने वाले!
कीट-पतंगे आपसे बच जाते हैं, और आप अधिक न्यायप्रिय हो?
एक दिन भर रहने वाले, आप रात में कुम्हला जाते हो,
असावधान और बुद्धिमत्ता के प्रकाश से अछूते रहने वाले!

और अब मूल अंग्रेजी कविता-

A Spirit Passed Before Me

A spirit passed before me: I beheld
The face of immortality unveiled—
Deep sleep came down on every eye save mine—
And there it stood,—all formless—but divine:
Along my bones the creeping flesh did quake;
And as my damp hair stiffened, thus it spake:

“Is man more just than God? Is man more pure
Than He who deems even Seraphs insecure?
Creatures of clay—vain dwellers in the dust!
The moth survives you, and are ye more just?
Things of a day! you wither ere the night,
Heedless and blind to Wisdom’s wasted light!
Lord Byron




आज अंग्रेजी के प्रसिद्ध कवि लॉर्ड बॉयरन की एक कविता का भावानुवाद और उसके बाद मूल कविता प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ। पहले प्रस्तुत है मेरे द्वारा किया गया कविता का भावानुवाद-


चट्टानों पर बैठना, बाढ़ और गिरे हुए पेड़ों पर चिंतन करना,
वन के छायादार फैलाव का धीरे-धीरे अवगाहन करना,
जहाँ ऐसी वस्तुओं का अस्तित्व है, जिन पर मनुष्य का आधिपत्य नहीं है,
और मनुष्य के पांव जहाँ बिल्कुल नहीं, या बहुत कम पड़े हैं;
ऐसे अदेखे पहाड़ों पर चढ़ना जहाँ कोई पगडंडी भी नहीं है,
जंगली जानवरों का ऐसा झुंड,
जिसे किसी समतल सतह की जरूरत नहीं है;
अकेले तीव्र और झाग पैदा करते झरनों पर झुके होना;
ये अकेलापन नहीं है, अपितु यह है-
प्रकृति के सौंदर्य को ग्रहण करना, उससे संवाद करना,
और उसके भंडार को उद्घाटित होते हुए देखना।

परंतु भीड़ के बीच, लोगों की जल्दबाज़ी और उनके धक्कों के बीच,
अकेले सुनना, देखना, महसूस करना और अपने ही पास रहना,
और अकेले भटकना, दुनिया के एक थके निवासी के रूप में,
जहाँ कोई नहीं जो हमें आशीष दे, कोई नहीं जिसे हम आशीष दे सकें;
भव्यता के लघुरूप, दुर्गति के कारण निरंतर सिमटते हुए!
ऐसा कोई भी नहीं, जो प्रेमभरे भाव से देखे,
अगर हम नहीं हों, तो ऐसा लगे कि उनकी मुस्कान कम हो जाएगी,
सारी खुशामद, लगाव, अनुसरण और मुकद्मेबाजी के बीच-
ये है अकेले होना; ये है अकेलापन!

और अब मूल अंग्रेजी कविता-


To sit on rocks, to muse o’er flood and fell,
To slowly trace the forest’s shady scene,
Where things that own not man’s dominion dwell,
And mortal foot hath ne’er or rarely been;
To climb the trackless mountain all unseen,
With the wild flock that never needs a fold;
Alone o’er steeps and foaming falls to lean;
This is not solitude, ’tis but to hold
Converse with Nature’s charms, and view her stores unrolled.

But midst the crowd, the hurry, the shock of men,
To hear, to see, to feel and to possess,
And roam alone, the world’s tired denizen,
With none who bless us, none whom we can bless;
Minions of splendour shrinking from distress!
None that, with kindred consciousness endued,
If we were not, would seem to smile the less
Of all the flattered, followed, sought and sued;
This is to be alone; this, this is solitude!
Lord Byron



ये ‘मी टू’ क्या है जी!

आजकल एक विषय विशेष रूप से चर्चा में है। ऐसा बहुत सी बार होता है, विदेशों में, पश्चिम में कोई विषय शुरू होता है और फिर एक फैशन के तहत वो भारत में फैल जाता है। जैसे टेलीविज़न के बहुत से ‘शो’, वो ‘गेम शो’ हों या ‘टेलेंट शो’ हों, वे पश्चिम में शुरू होते हैं और हूबहू उसी फॉर्मेट में वो भारत में धूम मचाते हैं।

लेकिन ‘गेम शो’ आदि तो अलग बात हैं, जिस विषय को आज हिंदुस्तान ने कैच किया हुआ, वो कोई खेल का विषय नहीं है। ऐसा विषय नहीं है, जिसे इतना हल्के में लिया जाए, एक फैशन की तरह फैलाया जाए।

बड़ा सेंसिटिव विषय है, लेकिन जिस तरह इसको प्रचारित किया जा रहा है, उसमें कहीं गंभीरता दिखाई नहीं देती।

पहले एक महिला अभिनेत्री का मामला सामने आया था, जिसने अभिनेता नाना पाटेकर पर इल्ज़ाम लगाया था, उसके बोलने में गंभीरता दिखाई देती थी, काफी लंबी बहस भी उसने टेलीविज़न चैनल पर की और शिकायत भी दर्ज कराई है। फैसला करने वाले हम कोई नहीं हैं, अगर साक्ष्य हैं तो शिकायत दर्ज करानी चाहिए और मामले को आगे बढ़ाना चाहिए।

लेकिन आज तो ऐसा लगता है कि ये खुद को प्रकाश में लाने के लिए, ‘पेज-3’ वाली महिलाएं आरोप लगा रही हैं, मैं इस संदर्भ में छोटी सी, काल्पनिक कहानी शेयर करना चाहूंगा।

नलिनी एक अच्छी पत्रकार रही हैं, ठीक-ठाक नाम था उसका किसी समय मीडिया जगत में, वो अपनी एक सहेली उन्नति के पास आती है, वह भी उसकी सहकर्मी रही किसी समय, बाद में वे अलग-अलग समाचार पत्रिकाओं में चली गई थीं।

वे मिलती हैं, गप्पें होती हैं, उन्नति पूछती है कि आज अचानक कैसे याद आ गई जो मिलने चली आईं। नलिनी बताती है कि किस तरह उनके सीनियर रहे, सतीश सर के खिलाफ आजकल कई महिला पत्रकारों ने बयान दिए हैं और उन पर सेक्सुअली शोषण करने का आरोप लगाया है। इस पर उन्नति कहती है कि हाँ ये तो उसके साथ बहुत बुरा हो रहा है। हम लोगों ने सतीश सर से बहुत कुछ सीखा है, और हाँ वे महिला साथियों को पसंद करते थे, काफी बढ़ावा देते थे, हम लोग भी शायद इतना आगे नहीं बढ़ पाते अगर कोई इतना सपोर्ट और गाइड करने वाला बॉस नहीं मिलता और हाँ उन्होंने कभी किसी को मजबूर तो नहीं किया था, कोई महिला साथी अगर उनके नज़दीक गई थी तो अपनी मर्जी से ही गई थी और लोगों ने उनका भरपूर फायदा भी उठाया। हाँ कमलिनी जो उनके गाइड करने पर भी सही परफार्म नहीं कर पाई, उसको उनसे शिकायतें थीं और उसने ही सबसे पहले शिकायत की और कुछ और को भी मिला लिया, जिनके बारे में सब लोग जानते थे कि वे उनके नज़दीक थीं।

इस पर उन्नति बोली कि ये तो बहुत गलत हो रहा है सतीश सर के साथ! इस पर नलिनी बोलती है, अब हमें सही-गलत नहीं सोचना है, हमारे पास एक ही ऑप्शन है कि हम भी सतीश सर के खिलाफ बयान दे दें। इस बहाने हमारा नाम एक तरह से फिर से जनता के सामने आ जाएगा, कुछ लेख, इंटरव्यू वगैरा भी छप जाएंगे। और ये भी देख लो कि जिन लोगों ने शिकायत की है, वो ये भी जानती हैं कि हम लोग सतीश सर के कितना नज़दीक थे!

हमारे पास दो ही ऑप्शन हैं, या तो हम शिकायत करने वाले बन जाएं, या हमको भी सतीश सर का साथी होने के नाते अपराधी की श्रेणी में डाल दिया जाएगा। और हमको पॉलिटिकल माइलेज भी तो मिलेगा ना, क्योंकि बड़ी बात तो ये है कि सतीश सर आजकल एक बड़े पॉलिटिशियन हैं!

जी ऊपर मैंने एक काल्पनिक कहानी छोटी सी लिख दी, जो मुझे लगा कि शायद सच्चाई के निकट हो सकती है।

मैं अपने अनुभव के आधार पर बता सकता हूँ कि बॉस लोगों का अपनी जूनियर्स के साथ रोमांस अथवा फायदे के लिए बनाया गया संबंध एक अक्सर होने वाली बात है, और दफ्तरों में ऐसी एक-दो कहानियां तो होती हैं। इसमें अगर किसी को मजबूर किया गया है तो वह निश्चित रूप से गलत है, लेकिन ये कौन तय करेगा!

मुझे ऐसे बहुत से उदाहरण याद आ रहे हैं, जहाँ किसी कंपनी में बड़े बॉस के नज़दीक होने के कारण किसी महिला कर्मचारी ने बहुत अधिक तरक्की की थी।

मैं कहना इतना ही चाहूंगा कि अगर किसी के साथ गलत हुआ है अथवा होता है तो उसको शिकायत करनी चाहिए और अपराध करने वाले को कड़ी सज़ा दिलवानी चाहिए लेकिन इसको एक पब्लिसिटी स्टंट की तरह इस्तेमाल नहीं करना चाहिए।

एक कवि की लिखी बहुत सुंदर पंक्ति याद आ रही है-

दुख में सब एक-वचन, कोई नहीं दूसरा!

जी हाँ दुख के गीत कोरस में नहीं गाए जाते, दुख अक्सर अकेले ही झेलना पड़ता है और उसके खिलाफ अकेले ही युद्ध लड़ना पड़ता है।



Gadgets and us!

Modern life means more and more dependence on gadgets. Today we try to achieve more and more results with lesser and lesser efforts. We can’t get up and put the switch on and of for many things, what to say about tuning of TV, which is a quite old thing now!

I remember in earlier times, when some problem was observed in the big Radio, which was kept on a high platform in the house, it was said that the young child might have touched the Radio, that is why problem happened.

That was a quite old thing, time is changing very fast. Now the young child tells the elder people that operating the remote well may not be possible for them, he learns the operation of remote, mobile phones etc. very fast!

Further in the race of modernism we want to acquire everything with latest facilities, more than our friend or neighbor. Nobody should be in a position to say that his machine or gadget has more facilities than that of mine.

For example mobile phones were initially phones with no fixed location to talk from, they liberated us from using phone from a certain location. We could now talk from anywhere we move but primarily they were for voice calls only but then they added many of the facilities that are associated with computers or laptops. For common people the additional facility that was useful was of video calling, which has become very popular now. But there are umpteen number of facilities in mobile phones now a days, which I think not more than 10% people use. Some facilities might be such which people use when they are away from home and laptop or computer is not within reach, but these facilities are permanently there and we pay for them.

Recently some dish service had an advertisement, in which they said-‘Pay for those channels only which you watch, why pay extra’? But the fact remains that the packages we take for watching TV, mostly we watch 5% of the total channels that are included in our package. Many channels are free or cost is very less, still we do not watch more than 25% of the paid channels also.

Only Mobile phones and TV services came to my mind at the moment but there are so many modern gadgets, of which some people use one type and some another, as per their requirements and location.

Yes it is very much true that most of us use only 30% of the gadgets or the facilities included in them, but we are in a mad race of acquiring the latest gadgets.

That is all for this submission.

Thanks for reading.

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WOW: An alarm for me!

We daily use various facilities, tools, machines, appliances etc. in our life. Mostly the more valuable appliances or machines have an in built alarm system with them if humans are to operate them or a cut-off system, a safety valve, as per requirement. Like the pressure cooker, to mention a most common home appliance, it gives a whistle and releases some steam, when more steam pressure builds-up in it. We can then decide when to turn the burner off, or remove the cooker from there, depending on what is cooking in that, otherwise ultimately it might burst.

We started by discussing the machines or appliances we use for our help, for doing various types of jobs, There are hundreds of such machines, gadgets or appliances that we use. But nobody would have any doubt that human beings are the most valuable and most complex of all the machines or gadgets. They are so complex that they can’t be manufactured by human beings. At least till date it is true!

So what about alarm system, safety valves etc. needed or which are in-built in the human system. But who puts human beings under so much pressure! Who creates so much risk for the humans?

Actually the biggest risk factor with them is that humans are thinking, dreaming animals! They think of achieving great, they keep dreaming and their aims as well failures are big. The bigger the city you live in the higher the risk factor associated with you.

In metropolitan cities the day starts with the stress of reaching the place of work in time, the enormous traffic, traffic jams, red lights, honking vehicles in endless queues. Not only adults, school going children also face such pressure.

Then there is the fierce competition which again starts when one is a child and then it goes growing up with the people carrying it! Be it in school, college and then in service or business! In today’s world, specially the metropolitan cities, it appears that people have to step on the shoulders of others to reach where they aim to go!

I remember an old movie where the hero is a very good singer, he is from a village and goes to a big city to showcase his talent, he sings in loud voice on a busy road, the song I remember was- ‘Badi dur se aaye hain, pyaar ka tohfa laaye hain’ (I have come from a far away place and am carrying the gift of love with me) and the whole city, very soon becomes his fan!

To talk about the situation today, I find that there are so many talent shows going on and there so many singers, even very young boys present marvelous songs and most of them get eliminated. And even those very few who win these talent shows do not go very far!

There are so many fields, in whichever field one works, there is stiff competition! Everybody is in a race, even when one does not know what he or she is ultimately going to achieve!

In such a background, there is one thing which everybody gets free, and it is stress! What is the normal effect of stress! Yes it does culminate in depression, if not taken care of and that may spoil a person’s life.

The very common effect of stress is that we lose our cool very easily and the more often we lose our cool, the more we would harm our self, our reputation and the biggest impact is on our health. So to remain healthy and to maintain healthy relations with others it is important that we withdraw from anger in time, which may otherwise destroy our health, relations and reputation.

So the real alarm a human being needs the most in today’s life of fierce competition and the silent dangers to our health and well being is knowing at which stage we are going to be controlled by our anger. The sooner we withdraw from anger, which if not controlled might take away our wisdom and put us at a great risk in terms of relationships and health, the better it would be for our well being.

We are wise people and know what to do and what not to do, but once we handover ourselves to the demon of anger, we do not remain what we were earlier.

I can say that not once but it has happened to me several times that I have lost cool while being in argument on some subject, it is good that I did not take it very far and withdrew sooner than later, but later I felt that it should not have gone that far too. Sometimes it takes people to a point of no return also and does make a very severe impact on health also.

I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever such a flashpoint was about to reach so that I could immediately withdraw and save the situation from going out of control and also making a dangerous impact on my health.

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That’s all from me in this submission.

Thanks a lot.


याद आएं कभी तो मत रोना !

आज फिर से एक बहुत पुराना गीत याद आ रहा है, जो 1964 में रिलीज़ हुई पुरानी फिल्म- ‘जी चाहता है’ से है, गीत लिखा है इंदीवर जी ने और कल्याणजी-आनंदजी के संगीत निर्देशन में इस गीत को मेरे प्रिय गायक मुकेश जी ने गाया है। बड़ा खूबसूरत गीत है, मैं अपनी ओर से तैयार किया गया, इसका अंग्रेजी प्रारूप पहले शेयर करना चाहूंगा और उसके बाद में यह मूल गीत-

I am now moving away from this close group,
do not shed tears when you remember me,
give solace to your heart,
do not weep, when it feels nervous.

We were in a dream together,
we got awake and it shattered,
when this dream of love
gives you grief, do not shed tears.

Do not destroy your life
by continuously thinking about me,
when any friend of your, gives this advice-
please do not shed tears.

In this long and lonely journey of life,
I would not remain alive for very long,
so my love, if you get the news of my death,
please do not shed tears.

और अब इसके बाद यह खूबसूरत गीत, मूल रूप में-

हम छोड़ चले हैं महफ़िल को
याद आएं कभी तो मत रोना
इस दिल को तसल्ली दे लेना
घबराए कभी तो मत रोना
हम छोड़ चले हैं…

एक ख़्वाब सा देखा था हमने
जब आँख खुलीं तो टूट गया
ये प्यार तुम्हें सपना बनकर
तड़पाए कभी तो मत रोना
हम छोड़ चले हैं…

तुम मेरे ख़यालों में खोकर
बरबाद न करना जीवन को
जब कोई सहेली बात तुम्हें
समझाए कभी तो मत रोना
हम छोड़ चले हैं…

जीवन के सफ़र में तन्हाई
हमको तो न ज़िन्दा छोड़ेगी
मरने की खबर ऐ जान-ए-जिगर
मिल जाए कभी तो मत रोना
हम छोड़ चले हैं…

आज के लिए इतना ही।



इस दिल की वीरानी मुझे दे दो!

आज एक बहुत पुराना गीत याद आ रहा है, जो 1964 में रिलीज़ हुई फिल्म- शगुन से है, गीत लिखा है साहिर लुधियानवी जी ने और खैय्याम जी के संगीत निर्देशन में इस गीत को जगजीत कौर जी ने गाया है। बड़ा खूबसूरत गीत है, मैं अपनी ओर से तैयार किया गया, इसका अंग्रेजी प्रारूप पहले शेयर करना चाहूंगा और उसके बाद में यह मूल गीत-

You handover all your grief and sorrow,
all the issues disturbing you to me,

I ask you in the name of your sorrow,
give the solitude of your heart to me.

I know, I am not worth anything
as per your thoughts,

but what would be wrong if
You handover all the sorrow,
the agitation to me.

Let me see how people in this world-
make you face troubles,

for some days, let me take the responsibility
of guarding you.

Your heart, which I begged for,
But others got,

would there be any problem if you
pass on the insult faced by-
that heart of yours to me!

और अब इसके बाद यह खूबसूरत गीत, मूल रूप में-

तुम अपना रंज-ओ-ग़म, अपनी परेशानी मुझे दे दो,
तुम्हें ग़म की कसम, इस दिल की वीरानी मुझे दे दो।

ये माना मैं किसी क़ाबिल नहीं हूँ इन निगाहों में,
बुरा क्या है अगर, ये दुःख ये हैरानी मुझे दे दो।

मैं देखूँ तो सही दुनियाँ तुम्हें कैसे सताती है,
कोई दिन के लिये अपनी निगेहबानी मुझे दे दो।

वो दिल जो मैंने माँगा था मगर गैरों ने पाया था,
बड़ी शय है अगर उसकी पशेमानी मुझे दे दो।

आज के लिए इतना ही।