Revenge is no solution!

Again it is weekend, the time to make my submission based on the weekly prompt.

In our expressions, writings, discussions etc. we mostly react to the life-situations, we react as per our thinking, values, thought process, experience and common sense.

What I would like to highlight in the beginning is that we often hear some people speaking like- “He does not know me! I would set him right, teach him a lesson that he would always remember”! That might be a mild statement considering the utterances of some people. One fails to understand whether a person at that time is praising himself or telling his wickedness.

Yes, it is a common practice that people are on a mission to set everything around them right, according to their liking and it includes other people also, but not themselves!

We are more and more into fights over small things, of-course things considered big, like property, inheritance etc. are also a big point to fight for! That is why now a days courts are always giving future dates to people who are fighting legal battles there, for whatever reasons and the cases appear to last longer than the concerned individuals.

We have been having a very nice, dreamy feeling about villages, the climate there and the universal brotherhood that was considered to be prevailing there. Further in the short stories of Prem Chand Ji, we find very much loving neighbors and friends, of which one is Hindu and another is Muslim. Now we rarely find Hindu and Muslim as neighbors! It might be there in big cities, in flats but I think not there in villages now, politicians have divided the colonies, based on religion and castes for their own benefit.

However what I would like to suggest is that in today’s environment where humans are going far away from each other, we need to create an atmosphere of more and more love, where people help each other and progress together to achieve the common goals of prosperity and well-being.

I remember one thing at this moment- somebody told that we should keep Ramayana in our houses, but not Mahabharat! Though in Ramayana also there is fight between Rama and Ravana, but we find that Rama never had any bad feelings or hatred against Ravana. He fought the battle for good reasons but without the feeling of hatred. He even asked Laxmana to learn good virtues from Ravana, who was on the death bed.

In Mahabharata we find that the great family of Kauravas and Pandavas fought for the Kingdom and almost everyone was finished, including the Kauravas- the hundred brothers, great warriors like their Guru- Dronacharya Ji, the great Bhishma, Karna and of-course Duryodhan also!

Just a simple conclusion- what do we achieve from hatred or taking revenge! Even if we do not fight, just keeping the negative feelings of revenge in our mind, It definitely has a very harmful impact on our health and personality. We keep our mind occupied in the negative and dangerous feelings of hatred and revenge! We may not be able to harm others by our thoughts of revenge but we definitely harm ourselves.

So while considering ‘Should one take revenge ? Or forgive and move on? Or tolerate and stay?’ My take is that definitely we should avoid taking revenge as much as possible. If somebody does wrong with us and does not realize, we may not remain friends with him. If he realizes and feels sorry, we should pardon him. We need not approve his wrong doing but if possible we should forgive him or if he is not changing, we can move away from him, but keeping negative thoughts of revenge is not of any use.

These are my random thoughts on the weekly prompt given in #IndiSpire this week.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Roy S says:

    At times I wonder, the world has turned into a ruthless place which honors the simple truth – ‘survival of the fittest’. And you could prove yourself to be fitter, only when you eradicate the lesses mortals. This is a age, when humanity seems to be a eroding virtue. What remains is pure struggle and competition. Maybe revenge is good at times. Just to prove that you aren’t weak and vulnerable.

  2. Jheelam says:

    Thought-provoking words. They remind me the Chinese (presumably) proverb- “Before embarking on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves.”

  3. I agree with you sir, revenge do bring bad things with us.

  4. Thanks, very nice comment.

  5. Yes, very true. Very nice comments.

  6. Pankanzy says:

    Sometimes Revenge is the only solution

    1. samaysakshi says:

      May be, but that is avoidable to the extent possible, as we do not get anything from that.

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