What makes a contest?

A question have been raised about the blogging activity of Indian bloggers. Why they participate in hundreds of numbers when there is a contest, but normally around ten or less participate, submit their blog posts on Indispire topics.


I however do not feel surprised by the fact. We the bloggers keep submitting our posts on blogging platforms like Indiblogger. If we are to submit our posts on any other platform, in any specific category, there need to be something like a contest, some recognition that we instantly get. For example on another platform, they give badges to some posts every week, that is a kind of recognition! I have been regularly submitting my posts on Indispire topics but I never know, what happens to them after that.

Yes everybody likes to get recognition and if one can also earn some money in the process, does anybody hate that?

It is needed that we make our endeavours more attractive, if people can get much recognition through their participation, find new way to come in touch with people or institutions that matter, it is all the more useful and motivating.

In this age we can’t find much people who have got so much free time and are writing totally ‘swaantah sukhaay’ ( i.e. for the pleasure they get by expressing themselves, whether people read it or not, appreciate it or not).

This is the period and era of election and selection. Those who submit their blog-posts and those who invite them for some platform, both are participating in a contest in some way. Like the political parties do activities to attract people, the bloggers do that for attracting readers. If there is some platform that provides them maximum readers, that would definitely attract them. So these things are inter-linked, if there are more readers, more reactions, more scope of coming to limelight, more bloggers would participate, whether there is money involved or not.

• These are a few thoughts, that came to my mind, while thinking on the subject- Ten or less entries for Indispire topics BUT hundreds for a contest… what does this reflect about the state of blogging in India? On #IndiSpire, #BloggingTruth.
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  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    I can’t agree more. I have also made some points resonating your views at this blogsite in comment section: https://matheikal.blogspot.com/2018/12/half-made-blogs.html

    Please visit the site if find time.

  2. Neeraj Kumar says:

    I can’t agree more. I have written resonating your views in the comment section of this blogsite: https://matheikal.blogspot.com/2018/12/half-made-blogs.html

    Please visit the site if find time.

  3. KISLAYA says:

    I truly agree with your opinion. While we do like the joy of writing, we also want to attract more readers to know our thoughts and express their view-points.
    The sole purpose of blogging is sharing with the world/blogging community, else we could have maintained a personal diary and not gone digital!

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