Real happiness is in making others happy!

What makes us happy? Actually it automatically does, we do not even think why we are being happy, it naturally happens.

When something we desire happens, like if our team, be it a street team, school team or national team succeeds, we naturally feel happy.

And team of what kind?  May be a school team, an office team working on a project. When they succeed, earn appreciation, get some award, we feel happy.

In sports, we know victory and defeat are a part of the game, still we feel immense happiness when our team wins. Be it a school or college team, office team or our national team. Even the IPL teams, where teams are associated with some cities or regions by name, though there may not be a single member in the team from that area, yet people from that area enjoy a lot when say the Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur or a team associated with whatever region wins.

We feel great happiness on our personal success, say promotion in job, our son or somebody in our house passing an exam normally or with some distinction, every extra achievement adds to our happiness.

So mostly our happiness is associated with some achievement by us, our kins, a team with which we feel connected, getting some rewards, recognition or something like that.

But I feel that real happiness lies in our success in making a have-not smile, somebody who is poor, a child who is not able to pursue his or her studies due to poverty, if we take that responsibility and  one day we find him or her succeed, acquire the qualifications which can make him or her earn a living to support the family, helping him or her get a good job, such are the real situations of happiness I would like to say, if we can achieve.

Yes, we must often Do more of what makes you happy, but it would be far better if this happiness comes from making somebody else happy, by helping others.

Smile, could be the starting point of happiness. We smile when we find a good friend come our way. We also smile on some good scenes in a movie, some joke. Sometimes watching cartoon films etc., like those of Charlie Chaplin, they make us mad with joy, we burst into laughter.

These were the ideas which came to my mind, thinking about What makes me smile? What makes me happy?‘.

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