Online writers, reviewers-Idiots!

The weekly prompt on #IndiSpire is quite harsh towards those who write online in anyway. If I understand it covers everybody who writes online, who blogs and especially those who write Book reviews or write about lifestyle, food, fashion etc. who review and influence other people in a way. And the prompt mentions all of them as idiots!


Yes freelance writing have been considered a wrong thing since very beginning. The kings and powerful people of the past kept singers and musicians in their Royal courts to entertain them, to play music for them, to sing for them. But any free writer was a not desirable person. Yes writers could be put on duty to write history in a way as desired by the kings etc. and write poems on their bravery, how the king alone could defeat several opponents!

Similar was the attitude of the English rulers, who were ruling us till the last century. I am giving an example from Indian Copper Corporation in Jharkhand (that time Bihar) which was run by English people and later became a part of Hindustan Copper Limited. I worked there for some time. The English owners gave the employees all facilities, had brought many Nepalis also to work there. The employees had all facilities, except good education! This was a small reflection of what they did to India as their colony at large. They did not want that people should get educated and ask questions.

I took it quite far. Actually expression of my view points is my birth right, and blogging also becomes a part of that. Everybody has a different view point, we need not agree with whatever a person writes. We are also not bound to read every blog-post that we see. But making such comments about online writing community is not at all good.

Those who write online, on whatever subject could be of help to us if we have interest in that field. If the information given in the blog is good, we can take that without being impressed with the language and style, if they are not good. If we need to get the facts, we can take them without agreeing to the conclusions of the writer, if we are not impressed.

In short I would like to say that we need to honor the freedom of expression provided to all of us under our great constitution and while we can choose what to read and what not, we also want to express ourselves in many ways, we should also honor the freedom of others to express their views on various subjects, if we are impressed we can praise them, if we find some shortcomings we can also point out and if we find that it is not worth reading, we can just ignore that. May be somebody else might appreciate that too.

That is what I felt  I should say on the weekly prompt-

Most book, tech, lifestyle, food, and fashion reviewers and influencers, reviewers, and bloggers are idiots who hardly understand what they are doing. Do you agree? #OnlineWriting

This post is a part of writings based on weekly prompt on #IndiSpire.

Thanks for reading.


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