Living fully as Humans!

The new prompt for writing is – ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’ Yes very true, creatures must take their life seriously, if one does not, he or she may perish soon! But it is true for creatures other than human beings, since for them it is survival of the fittest. For humans it is not just survival that matters! We live well-knit as societies, neighborhoods, mohallas, cities, countries etc. We do not have to care much for our own safety as such!

We are the most creative living beings, we are thinking beings, each one of us is meant to contribute for the better future of the human race. We inherit the kingdom, if we may call it so, of the creator, the almighty; we are also creators in a smaller way. Not only biologically, that animals also do. We can plan, think about well being of the human race, not only that many amongst us are also devoted and working for the well being of the other creatures.

We as humans have so many aspects of our lives, we grow up as a child in a caring society, learn about the history, conditions and future of human race. We become responsible citizens of a country and the global society and think about how we can contribute for the society and world large.

To make a living we choose a career, we marry and live in a society as a responsible family, each member of the families contributing for the human society in his or her own way.

God created this universe, by whatever name we may know that God, but we inherit the management of this world since we are the thinking and creative living beings, who can think and plan about the well being of all creatures, maintenance of the environment.

With that background, I would like to submit that humans need not limit their vision and efforts just to take life seriously but we must enjoy life, be creative and contributing members of the society. We should enjoy every moment in life and create an atmosphere where everybody is in a position to enjoy life and achieve the goals in life.

This is my humble submission on the weekly prompt in #IndiSpire.  Life is too important to be taken seriously. #FullyHumanFullyAlive .

Thanks for reading.


  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    I like your argument that humans have higher purpose over and above simply taking life seriously. At the same time if we live in a society, there is competition. In countries like India where resource is much less compared to people looking for it, one has to take life seriously to move on. There is competition at higher levels of job also. People compete to be at the top by pulling down colleagues. I think as long as one lives in a society, one has to take life seriously.

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