Good Writing, How to do that?

Again writing based on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire.

The prompt this time also appears to be quite strange. Let me mention it in the very beginning. The prompt is-  ‘Is leaving the social media the right step for those who wish to focus on writing? Must writers stop interacting even in real life?’ GoodWriting.

Let me mention one thing, I do not consider that the social media, like facebook, twitter etc. etc. are very necessary for us. But they have become a regular part of our activity.  There are many people who are now leaving these platforms. But be it anything, there are positive as well as negative qualities associated with everything.

I have a feeling that basically one must understand how to use these mediums, but it is becoming quite difficult  now a days. There are many people who write and share their videos online. So many people feel that they have got some very important information and knowledge to share with other people. They also have a challenge that more and more people should read their blog posts, watch their videos and for achieving that desired traffic they sometimes share such things which attract people but are not true. Politically active people also do such things.

People sometimes present their posts, videos with the remarks like ‘no news channel has the courage to tell you the truth’, and actually what they share is generally not true! In such competition sometimes it also happens that we find that celebrities, who are under treatment, are many times declared dead quite before they actually die! This normally happens in a hurry to break the news first!

I do not want to give much coverage to such fake posts, which are shared in a bid to become popular by any means.

I do feel that if we are serious about writing, we can remain active on social media but should not be addicted to it. We must also understand that whatever finds place on social media by any means does not become true, rather social media is now being extensively used by some people for creating an atmosphere to their benefit by spreading lies or half truths.

So, those who are serious about writing, those who are creative writers should make their position like a lotus in the mud, they should also try to get in touch with positive people, so that they do not have to waste time in useless arguments.

Yes, the basic wisdom must be applied about what to read and what not, and what is important for us as a reader. The basic requirement for being a creative and impressive writer is to read good stuff, keep in touch with positive and creative people.  Rest everything is OK.

This is my submission on the subject. #GoodWriting .

Thanks for reading.



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