What Could, Should and Would Happen!

We are now in the second month of 2019. As we all know, time keeps flying and we have to always keep on our toes to catch up with time. We keep planning to achieve new things, life is a race and everybody has to perform in his own space, in his or her own battlefield.

What we often say is like- I ‘could’ have done that, had the situations been like that! I ‘should’ do this to achieve that! Or what would happen if I do that!
It is a continuous struggle between us, our conditions or environment and what we achieve, depends on our interaction with the environment, situations and our resolve.

We keep repeating that I could have done that, could have reached there, achieved that, had the conditions been better!

We tell our children, teachers ask their students that ‘you ‘should’ do that, work like that!’

Our life is a combination of many possibilities- what we ‘could’ do, what we ‘could’ achieve and what could happen. But what ‘could’ happen needs efforts, i.e. what we ‘should’ do, how we should create the atmosphere for things to happen!

And when what should have been done, is done and what could be the result, is achieved then what ‘would’ have happened, happens if everything goes right!

So life is full of possibilities, things that could happen, results which could be achieved, but for that there are requirements, conditions- things what should be done, efforts which are to be made. And when the requirements are met i.e. what ‘should’ have been done is done; then what ‘could’ have happened, can happen and we ‘would’ achieve, what we wanted to achieve.

It is a continuing process- what needs to be done ‘should’ be done, then ‘could’ happen becomes possible and then we ‘would’ achieve success since what we needed to achieve could be achieved.

There are so many targets, we ‘could’ achieve,
But these require that some groundwork ‘should’ be done,
We need to do what ‘should’ be done
To get what we ‘could’ achieve,
If we keep doing like that
We ‘would’ then become successful.

This is in response to the WOW prompt – Write A Story or Poem Using The Words Could, Should & Would.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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