Journey continues forever!

I remember a lovely song from a Hindi movie which says- ‘Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar, koi samjhaa nahi, koi jaana nahi’.

This song says that our life is an unending journey, we are in this journey, as long as we are alive.  It is such a journey, where everybody is travelling and nobody knows where he or she would reach and when!

We are talking today about ‘Travel’.  We must keep in mind that the basic thing in travelling is that we must be aware, we need to keep in mind that we are travelling and we must enjoy every moment of it. We need to remain observant and admire all the natural scenery and not miss any ‘thing of beauty’. Then only it is really travel.

Those who travel to their offices or places of work as a routine , they also perform journey but normally they are not ‘travelling’. They mostly carry their jobs in mind, keep thinking about their targets, are worried to reach in time and many keep working on their laptops while performing journey. We can say that these people are commuting and not travelling!

When we travel in real sense, we need to make it a mission to explore new things and enjoy each moment of it. I remember a poem which a friend of mine often sang, which says-


Jinhe manzilon ki talaash ho, mere karwaan se alag rahen,

Ki mera to maqsad-e-zindagi, faqat umar bhar ke safar me hai.


So, if you are travelling to enjoy the beauty, the richness of nature, leave all the worries behind, even those of the destination, I mean be aware but not worried!

Now the world is becoming smaller day by day and we are living in a global village. Our country India also has so many places worth travelling, one may not really be in a position to say that he or she has seen all the famous tourist destinations in India. There are natural treasures all over- mountains, sea-beaches, rivers, green valleys etc. Further there are many historical monuments which attract everybody and tell us a lot about our past. There are places of religious pilgrimage also related with all major religions.

These  days many people plan to visit some places according to their interest, for a period ranging from a few days to over a month every year . We must view as many wonderful places in the world, from the creation of God to the creations of human beings.

Travel gives us great relief from the pressures of routine life and generates new energy in us. It also makes us more creative.

I would like to say that everybody should make a list of destinations, he or she would like to visit and should make plans to visit there based on availability of vacations, funds etc.

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